Blockchain partnership to empower 10,000 entrepreneurs

A partnership between Humanity Node Protocol, Web3Africa, and Adanian Labs aims to support 10,000 companies in Africa. They aim to make it possible for young Africans and entrepreneurs to create cutting-edge inventions and companies based on blockchain technology.

The African Startup League is a program that would enable 10,000 African-owned businesses to compete for a $1 million (Sh 117.9 million) grand prize by developing blockchain technologies.

On or before August 8th, 2022, the Humanity Node Protocol and Web3Africa initiative will distribute 300,000 Humanity NFTs to 300,000 Africans who have registered and had their identities validated.

These Humanity NFTs stand for ownership in the HNP governance nodes as well as the future multi-trillion dollar D (ecentralized) GDP of Africa’s railroads of communication, finance, distribution, and transaction.

The business model and operating protocols for the Humanity NFTs were developed in partnership with HNP, based in Nairobi, Kenya, and Adanian Labs, also based in Nairobi. It is anticipated that the Humanity NFTs will generate over $1,000 per month ($12,000 annually) in income for the selected recipients who will receive them.

Each awardee is obligated to devote 100 hours of service to the Humanity Node Protocol, which will result in a commitment of 30,000,000 hours to the ongoing development of the infrastructure required to usher in the hyper-economic growth age in Africa.

“The opportunity for young Africans to take part in this initiative during a time when the world is witnessing a change in how decentralized finance and blockchain technologies are impacting societies globally. Africa is at the forefront of implementing new blockchain technologies,” Adanian Labs’ founder John Kamara.

The African Startup League is also being introduced by the ecosystems created by Humanity, Web3Africa, and Adanian Labs. Its goal is to empower 10,000 African startups who join the ecosystem by giving them the tools, talent, and resources they need to grow their companies and monetize their ideas.

Serving the rich and diverse talent pool in the region will aid in the creation of a new, affluent African continent powered by blockchain potential.

“A new startup ecosystem is forming in Africa to address the continent’s most pressing issues using crypto and blockchain technology.” Aly Ramji, co-founder and managing editor of

Africa has yet to fully embrace the promise of blockchain technology in the midst of the next digital revolution of the global economy. Web3Africa ( will work to change this among millions of people on the continent.

The African Startup League has teamed with The Exchange Africa to promote the numerous firms that will be housed and fostered under the ASL. 

They want to demonstrate how the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are expanding across the continent and how businesses are deploying these technologies in a region that was once thought to be unimportant.