Why you need an online reservation system for your business.

Today, digital has proved to be the kingpin. Digitizing your business is becoming unavoidable. You have to move with time and make sure that every business process that can be digitized is digitized. 

If you run a service business, for example, a hair salon, a nail parlor, etc.,  you definitely the importance of appointments in making sure you give your customers the best service that’s orderly and without a rush.  

You probably rely on telephones to make reservations but this can be filled with so many pitfalls and the process can be tedious. From poor connections, lack of clarity in information gathering, limitation in upfront payment options, and the extra time it will take for you to successfully accommodate a customer and give them the information they need. 

Why go through all that while you can find a solution in an online booking/reservation system. 

 Your small business is always accepting reservations.

Instant satisfaction and immediacy are major factors of client satisfaction. 

Your business becomes available 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you use an online reservation system. That is to say, your booking system is operational even when you are not. 

The travel industry, which has been using these systems longer than regular retail, recently reported that 39% of bookings are made outside of typical business hours. This means that your business could be missing out on a significant number of prospective reservations. Especially if your competitors use a booking system that operates outside of normal business hours.

No-shows will be reduced by using an online booking system.

Customers make an upfront financial commitment when they book online. This indicates that they are more likely to appear. Furthermore, most online booking systems integrate with calendars and email to inform consumers that you are expecting them. 

Customers can also virtually amend their reservations using the same technology. This type of usage can lead to satisfied customers and more efficient operations. When you add in automated follow-ups, you’ll be able to keep track of your customers and collect data strategically.

Payments are processed more quickly when you book online.

Customers will be happy to pay in advance when booking online if a company is trusted or well-established. This improves cash flow by allowing you to collect revenue before a customer walks through the door.

Fewer phone calls, more face time

When you spend more time online, you spend less time on the phone. This allows employees to man the floor and provide face-to-face customer service to customers who are physically there at the moment. You’re also reducing the amount of work that your establishment has to do. 

This is because the inconvenience of accepting reservations puts additional strain on your personnel. This is a variable that can simply be eliminated from the equation. For any busy small business, this is a welcome adjustment.

Learn something new about your business

The benefit of using an online booking system is that it comes with an analytics dashboard. This will help you to quickly gather information such as which goods or time slots are the best sellers, as well as when your customers are most active.

This gives you the ability to streamline your marketing and operations, increase reservations, and bring even more foot traffic into your business. In the case of the My Appointment app, there is the ability to incorporate medical assistance invoicing, as well as stock management, commission, gift certificates, and loyalty programs, all of which can help you raise your turnover, decrease waste, and save time.

Final Thoughts

With today’s technology, you can easily get appointment apps and booking software tools online. You just need to find one that is effective for your business. There are apps that are specifically designed for different industries, for example, you can find a booking app that’s specifically designed for salon businesses. 

When you use an online reservation service, you’re simply showing your consumer that you care about their brand experience. When it comes to establishing a small business in South Africa, having an open and trusted channel is always a good thing.