Why you should consider a pop-up market for your small business.

A pop-up market is a temporary market space for businesses and is mostly held in malls and clubhouses. A pop-up market is mainly for brands to market themselves and sell their products. 

If you are looking to add a boost to your small business, a pop-up store in a pop-up market might just be it for you. In Kenya, pop-up markets have become a big thing, especially for e-commerce stores and retail stores looking to build success for their businesses. 

Why pop-up?

For Research

Pop-Up markets are a great way for you to check out and research your business’s potential in a new location using a new concept. 

For example, you could use a pop-up shop in a pop-up market to test out your new business idea before committing to a permanent presence. If you have a craft business idea to produce handcrafted items such as masks, bags, belts, or purses, you could use a pop-up shop to introduce your items to the market and get a feel for the local market and their response to your products. 

Extra revenue source

A new location introduces your business to a new market and this brings in new customers who are interested in your products. 

For example, people who did not know your craft business existed will get to see you at the pop-up market and if they like your craft products, you get new customers. 

Moving your old stock 

You probably have stock that has not moved in a while. Or, you want to clear your stock to bring new stock. A pop-up market might be the new way to help move this stock especially to new customers in a new location. Imagine moving your products to a new pop-up market every weekend!


Pop-up markets are a great place to Increase brand awareness and to attract more customers. It’s also a great place to start social media conversations and create content for your social media platforms. 

Pop-up market locations in Nairobi 

The Hub Karen 

West gate mall

Lavington Mall

Village Market 

The Junction Mall 

Sarit Centre 

Yaya Shopping Centre 

K1 Club House, e.g., The Insta Market 254 

Plan and Prepare

When it comes to having a Pop-Up Shop, it’s critical to plan ahead and think things through to get the most out of your investment. Inquire from the pop-up locations when they host pop-up markets and align their schedule to yours and prepare your personnel, your products, and your shop spot before that day.

Make a good first impression.

Consider how you may entice the new Pop-Up consumer to return to your permanent location by providing incentives such as a gift card that can be used after the Pop-Up shuts.

Do it right.

Set up your Pop-Up shop in a professional and brand-appropriate manner. While ‘temporary’ does not always imply ‘cheap,’ a Pop-Up should still be professional and brand suitable, even if it is cost-effective.