New Mobile Insurance to enable Kenyans get Motor Vehicle & Medical Insurance on Credit

The AVLC Group, a conglomerate of many enterprises, has created BIMA HIMA, Kenya’s first and only mobile insurance premium finance platform.

Customers can get motor vehicle or medical insurance on credit directly from their mobile phones using BIMA HIMA.

BIMA HIMA will make paying insurance premiums easier by dividing the payment plan into up to four installments.

“The process of getting your insurance policy whether medical or for your motor vehicle has now been simplified through technology and our customers will also get the insurance cover on credit.” AVLC Group Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Kanyutu

Customers can register for the platform by dialing the USSD code *483*01# from their mobile phones.


Customers will, however, need to obtain premium quotes from respective underwriters or agents before the insurance premium cover is granted, according to the firm.

BIMA HIMA’s insurance coverage will be provided by BKY Insurance Agency, a licensed agency with the Insurance Regulatory Authority and an AVLC Group partner.

BIMA HIMA is projected to boost insurance penetration in Kenya, which is currently at 3%. IRA claims this. 

AVLC Group launches ‘BIMA HIMA’ a mobile platform that eases the burden of paying insurance premiums