KCB’s 131 Million for University Scholarships Over the next 10 Years

Over the next ten years, the KCB Group, through the KCB Foundation, has set aside Shs 131 million for university student scholarships. KCB stated in a statement that the move is an extension of its high school scholarship program and aims to enhance its role in education support.

Since 2007, 3100 students have benefited from the initiative, including 1,070 students who are currently enrolled in school and another 240 who have been recruited for the class of 2021.


“The top 50 performers from the high school programme will now receive university scholarships catering for the tuition fee in any public university in Kenya, commencing with the 2020 KCSE class,” KCB. 

KCB’s Target 

Aside from the top students with an A or A-, the foundation will fund the education of the best two students with impairments each year.

KCB is committed to helping young Kenyans to build a future for themselves. 

“By extending this package to university, we are taking a step further in guaranteeing a brighter future for each beneficiary. It will not only benefit the individual but also their family, community, and ultimately the nation.” 

In addition, all qualifying students will receive laptop computers to begin their studies, with the scholarships covering university Module I and Module II, as well as any tertiary institution recognized by the Ministry of Education.