KBL’s Sh220 million Covid economic Recovery plan to benefit 850 Eateries and Pubs.

Kenya Breweries Limited has launched the second phase of its Raising the Bar Recovery campaign under the Tusker brand.

By the end of November 2021, the Sh220 million campaign will have targeted 850 bars and eateries across the country.


KBL’S Recovery Provision 

The 850 outlets will be provided with Covid safety equipment, products, training, and other incentives. This is in order to provide a safe atmosphere in accordance with the Covid-19 pandemic safety procedures and protocols. 

The pilot phase of the initiative saw 169 outlets in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area onboarded and retrofitted with Covid-19 safety components and technology. A further 100 outlets are targeted for the retrofit by the end of September 2021.

Hospitality Industry Full Recovery 

Joel Kamau, East African Breweries Limited Commercial Director said that the initiative’s second phase is targeted at allowing more stores to join the program. This is as they work toward resuming full operations in the hospitality industry.

The full recovery of this sector, according to KBL, will also improve its wide value chain, which supports over 47,000 farmers, over 100 distribution networks with 105 distributors, and 44,000 retailers, all of whom were affected by the pandemic.

“As the government continues to ease Covid-19 measures, people want to come together again to connect with their community and socialise safely.” Joel Kamau. 

He emphasized that pubs, bars, and restaurants are vital parts of our communities, bringing people together to socialize and celebrate, and it’s something people have missed out on during this period of limited gatherings.

KBL wants to help bars, pubs, and restaurants reopen their doors in a safe environment for everyone by delivering international best practices, providing access to training, and distributing Covid safety equipment.

Outlet Qualifications for the KBL Initiative

A valid liquor license. 

Business registration certificate.

Current business permit.

Confirmation of business existence prior to the Covid-19  pandemic. 

Chairman of the Bar Hotels Liquor Traders Association of Kenya (BAHLITA), Simon Njoroge, urged bar and restaurant owners to register for the program, saying it would help the industry recover.

“The revival of this sector is vital to the economy and to the success of our business. Raising the Bar too is  a further commitment to the industry as we want to ensure all these businesses are revived and our customers are able once again to feel confident to socialise and lead normal lives.”

Njoroge applauded EABL for continuing to assist the hotel industry adding that the scheme will go a long way toward securing the sector’s recovery. Several outlets have already profited, and this second phase will target even more.