Registering to be a Real Estate Agent in Kenya

Around one year ago, we published an article on how to become a real estate agent in Kenya entailing a beginner’s idea of what it takes to be one. How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Kenya . – Prowess . In this article, ‘Registering to be a Real Estate Agent in Kenya’, we tell you how and where to register to practice as an accredited Real Estate Agent in Kenya. 

With the digital space, everything has been made way easier to attain compared to previous years. The government itself and other regulatory boards in different sectors have made their service availability easier and faster through online portals such as the popular E-citizen portal. 

In Kenya, every sector is regulated through regulatory bodies and professional bodies and associations. Just like every sector, the real estate sector is regulated and controlled by a licensed regulatory board. 

If you want to be a real estate agent, a registered one in that case, the Estate Agents Registration Board is the place you need to go. 

Estate Agents Registration Board – Kenya 

Estate Agents Registration board is a board under the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning in Kenya and is Kenya’s governing authority for the practice of estate agency.


Who is an Estate Agent In Kenya?

According to EARB, any individual involved in the sale and rental of buildings and land is referred to as an estate agent. A person whose job it is to help owners sell, rent, or manage their homes, land, and buildings.

Why register as an Estate Agent?

Not all estate agents in Kenya operate under registration. For example, most of the people we know as estate agents in our local areas are people like caretakers who manage rentals and some are not registered.  

For those who want to take real estate agency more seriously and make good money in this wide industry, joining other registered and licensed real estate agents is a great addition to your career. One, it gives you accreditation and two, it gives you a plus when looking for clients or working with them. 

Estate Agency can only be conducted by EARB registered and licensed Estate Agents who have a current practicing yearly certificate.

With EARB, you can register as a Real Estate Agent in Kenya online or in one of their offices across the 47 counties. 

Estate Agents Registration Board: EARB


Estate Agent Application Requirements 

The portal also gives you all the information you need to register indicating all the application requirements. 

  1. Recent passport size photograph 
  2. ID Card/Passport 
  3. CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  4. Educational Certificates 
  5. Letter of Recommendation from the Estate Agent who trained you. He or she must be a Registered & Practicing Estate Agent 
  6. Certificate of Good Conduct 
  7. Non-refundable Application fee of KSH. 1,000
  8. Filled Application Form 

If you are a client in need of estate agency services, you can easily tell whether the person you are dealing with is a registered Estate agent or not. Through the EARB Portal you can see all the registered members Registered & Gazetted Estate Agents 2020 – EARB .