Britam Group Partners with Fintech Koa in a new investment Plan for Its Customers

Customers can now save and invest as low as Ksh 100. 

Britam Asset Managers and KOA, a Kenyan fintech firm, have formed a partnership to provide low-risk investing alternatives to customers.

This Partnership is one of a kind in the market and in under 2 minutes, the app enables its users to start their savings and investment journey with the Britam Money Market Fund. 

With Britam’s Money Market Fund, Koa customers may start saving with as little as Sh100 and see their money grow and multiply.

Jude Anyiko, Britam Asset Managers Principal officer said the partnership will help the company extend its omnichannel strategy and provide a better customer experience.

“This partnership will enable Britam to deliver its digital savings and investment solutions in ways that are attractive, engaging, and intuitive allowing us to access new emerging markets.” Anyiko. 

Anyiko added that the partnership is part of Britam Asset Managers’ larger effort to offer innovative products that help the region’s savings and investment penetration.


Delila Kidanu, a co-founder of Koa, said the app is designed to make it easier for Kenyans to save money for their own objectives, inspire more people to take responsibility of their finances, and offer a greater interest rate than existing savings products on the market.

“Once goals are set, Koa lets users know how much they need to save each day, week, and month to reach their goals.” Kidanu. 

“The idea of formal savings is often perceived as intimidating, inconvenient and difficult to start for a lot of young Kenyans. Koa is the only digital savings companion that makes it easy to start saving instantly and remain committed through personalized savings goals. Our goal is to put Kenyans on a clear and visible path toward financial freedom,” said Kidanu.

Koa’s initial entrance into the world of digital financial services is with Savings.

Koa aims to bridge existing market gaps and become the go-to financial companion for Kenyan youth through partnerships and financial literacy programs.

Britam Roll-out

Britam recently unveiled its 2021-25 Strategic Plan, which aims to improve customer satisfaction by being more client-centric.

Britam’s new strategy calls on it to take advantage of its technological investments in order to extend its customer base and drive growth.

“Backed by investment in a robust IT system, Britam is today well placed to accelerate its digital programmes to ensure customers continue to access our products and services in a seamless manner. By creating a technology led strategy that prioritizes customer demands and overall customer experience, Britam has been able to provide innovative solutions through seeking digital partnerships.” Anyiko.