Safaricom’s New M-Pesa Super App for Individual Customers and Businesses

Safaricom PLC on Wednesday launched the M-Pesa Super app with an aim of improving their customer’s experience. According to the firm, the Super App will provide the customers with a digital solution that is fun, simple, secure and convenient. 

Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom’s CEO said the firm is introducing a Mini-App functionality making it possible for businesses to have apps they can use to renew their licenses, pay or manage their bills and utilities, connect with suppliers among other services.  

M-Pesa Super App for Businesses

“The M-Pesa business app will enable and empower them with powerful tools to manage and grow their businesses. Ultimately, our aim is that for every Sh1 a business collects on M-Pesa, they should be able to make an extra Sh5.” Peter Ndegwa.

Businesses can pay for goods, pay workers, buy from other businesses, and use the money a consumer pays instantly, according to Ndegwa, rather than having to wait days or hours for payments to clear.

“We recognised that there was a need to go beyond just payment collections for our business customers. The first thing we did was introduce an online portal where customers could apply for Lipa Na M-Pesa Tills and Paybills.” Ndegwa.

“We are excited about these innovations that will help us become a customer-obsessed, digital-first organization in order for us to create a purpose-led technology company.” Ndegwa added. 

App Test 

Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, M-Pesa Africa CEO said that they have been testing the app with over 1 million customers who have been using the app over the last few months and used the feedback to refine the app.  

The M-Pesa CEO added that the M-Pesa App enables customers to achieve much more in their daily lives, whether at home or wherever they are, from a point of convenience.

“We have designed the M-Pesa app to offer a modern, fun and intuitive design that maximizes convenience and security. The fresh design eliminates error and enables us to add a host of new features.” Lopokoiyit.

The main benefit of this app is that it allows users to confirm all their transactions before their completion, increasing the accuracy of their transactions and guaranteeing that they reach the intended receiver.

Customers will also enjoy configurable features such as the ability to upload a profile photo that will be shown to anyone with whom they deal on the app.

Along with the transactions they conduct, users will be able to send unique descriptions and GIFs.

“More than five million businesses that receive payments through the ‘Send Money’ option on M-Pesa, will be able to leverage on these descriptions to identify the individuals who have made the payments to them.”

Small businesses and app users will be able to transmit money to various persons using only one authentication method with the new M-Pesa app.

The app will be free, and our users will be able to use it ‘Offline’ even if they do not have access to the internet.