Prime Bank announces the launch of five new transactional solutions.

Prime Bank has announced the launch of five new transactional solutions aimed at providing a simple and complete banking experience to its personal, small business, and corporate customers.

Prime Yes, Prime Esteem, Prime Flexi, Prime Business Advantage, and Prime Enterprise Business are local currency accounts that have been tailored to fulfill the bank’s existing and new customers’ everyday banking needs, according to a statement.

Bharat Jani, the bank’s managing director, said the new products demonstrated the bank’s responsiveness to the financial industry’s ever-changing trends, innovation, and evolution.

“We are confident that these solutions will further enhance our customers’ capacity to save and even borrow more, specially during this unprecedented period of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he added.

Vijay Kantaria, the bank’s director of business development, stated that with the new accounts, the bank is giving solutions to its existing and targeted customers that fit their lifestyles and banking demands.

“For instance, Prime Yes is designed and structured to develop a saving culture in young professionals through setting short and long-term goals such as buying a car, a house or, furthering their studies to accelerate their aspirations towards financial independence coupled with an investment product based on customer needs,” he added.

Asha Kamenge, head of products and innovation noted that all five transactional products are designed to fulfill their clients’ diverse banking demands, as ease is critical to the client experience in today’s society. The Prime Esteem account offers a comprehensive banking solution to help high-net-worth individuals increase their personal banking accounts.

According to Kamenge, the bank strives to create goods and services that provide comfort and convenience through its banking platforms, with operational charges or a monthly standing fee imposed depending on the client’s choice of account.

The new solutions will complement the bank’s existing digital banking platforms, PrimeMobi and PrimeNet, as well as its extensive local branch network.

With a network of 23 branches, the lender is one among Kenya’s private banks.

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