Work From Home Order Reinstated in Kenya Following Rise Of COVID-19 Cases

Enterprises and employers in the public sector, the private sector,  including government offices have been ordered to allow their employees to work from home. 

President Uhuru addressed the nation yesterday marking the 15th presidential address on the Covid-19 Pandemic. He said that directive excempts workers employed in essential services that cannot be offered remotely. 

“All employers and enterprises of whatever nature including public bodies, the private sector, government offices, and others are directed to allow employees to work from home. This is with the exception of employees working in critical or essential services that cannot be delivered remotely, until further notified,” Kenyatta said.

This is not the first time the President has made this directive. Last year March, President Uhuru advised companies to embrace remote work to fight the rapid spread of Covid-19. 

This year, Covid-19 positivity rate was at 2.6% in January. However, the rate stands at 22% as at March. 

The president reinstated the Work from Home Order following the high increase of Covid-19 Cases in the country. 


With this new directive, you will have to get back to working remotely as a business owner. On the other hand, you might have to start a new page in your business and embrace working remotely as a new business owner on the block. 

A good number of business owners who were in business last year when the pandemic hit have had an experience of running their businesses remotely. With this experience, all they have to do is just to switch and take things from where they left. 

Others probably never got back to running their businesses physically and the new directive does not bring a difference for them. 

However, those who started physical businesses during the pandemic will have to start a new page. This comes with embracing working remotely and preparing their businesses and workers to adapting to working from home.