Start your Side-hustle leveraging your Full-time Job Benefits

Starting your own side hustle while on a 9-5 job is not an easy thing. Working your day job while fixing time to work on your side hustle or on an idea for a side hustle can be a challenge. You can easily get caught up between the two affecting your efficiency at work and probably making your side hustle dream remain a dream. 

Many entrepreneurs start their journeys to running business empires by starting  their side hustles while still on their 9-5 jobs. 

For so many aspiring entrepreneurs, having a full-time job seems like an obstacle to starting a side hustle. However, for some, having the full-time job comes as a great advantage and an opportunity. They take advantage of the existing resources and tools in their workplace and their work networks among their colleagues to get their side hustles off the ground. 

1.Make your coworkers your customers and get feedback from them

Before you launch your business, have your coworkers experience your product or service. Have some of the people in your network listen to your business idea and get feedback from them. And, make sure you get as much feedback as possible from as many people as possible. This way, you will be able to get a variety of feedback. 

You might consider getting feedback from your friends  and family but there is a possibility of natural biasness. This is possibly because they have similar tastes as you or they probably don’t want to disappoint you. 

So, consider getting third-party feedback from your colleagues. Most of them become your first customers and end up becoming repeat customers for your business. 

2.Leverage your coworkers expertise 

Starting a side hustle or a small business calls for extra work and needs to wear different hats as the business owner. You might have to handle all the areas of your business, from finances to marketing, etc. And, many entrepreneurs don’t have the skills to handle all these areas efficiently by themselves. 

You don’t have to do all these when you have friendly colleagues who are experts in these areas. When you have no clue where or how to start, talk to your coworkers first. Some of them will be eager to help you. 

You never know what would come out of you people working together. This can draw you closer as colleagues and it’s definitely an added advantage for you. 

3. Use your salary and benefits to fund your business.

When you have a full-time job with a guaranteed salary and you want to start a side hustle, you at least know when your next paycheck is coming. 

With your 9-5 salary, consider taking time to save up the money you need to start off your business. Figure out what you need to start your business. Consider figuring out what you need to accomplish before you take the leap and get your business off the ground. 

Do you need to save up a specific amount of money? Or do you need to reach a point of confidence to run full-time business. 

4.Benefit from your corporate benefits

Many companies offer their employees corporate benefits. And if your employer offers you corporate benefits, take advantage of them to grow your side business idea. 

If you are not aware or familiar with your corporate benefits, find ways to familiarize yourself with them. Knowing the corporate benefits your employer offers helps you find ways to use them for your side hustle too. 

Your company probably provides business management training or tools and these could be beneficial to your business. 

5. Use your company tools and processes

Some of the frameworks or plans your company uses might as well work for your side hustle. Borrow these tips, plans and frameworks and use them to nurture your side hustle. 

Look at how your company is run and borrow a thing or two into your side business. 

Final Thoughts…

As you work towards starting your own side hustle while still working your 9-5, don’t forget your responsibilities. Your 9-5 should not strain just because you are planning to start a side hustle. 

It will not be a walk in the park and you might be caught in between the two from time to time. You don’t want to rub shoulders with your employer. Try to find a balance and make your full-time job work as you start your side hustle.