President Uhuru’s continued Support to MSMEs in Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta expressed his desire to see small and medium enterprises in Kenya grow and create employment for Kenyans. He said His government is committed to supporting small businesses by creating a favorable environment for small scale traders. 

The president spoke on Thursday at the National Cargo Deconsolidation Centre carrying out a follow-up inspection of the government warehouse.

Notably, the warehouse had recently grown from a capacity of five 40-foot containers to 15 such containers, serving approximately 400 small-scale traders a day.

“I am grateful today we are here seeing the progress made. I want to thank Kenya Railways and Kenya Revenue Authority for working hard to ensure this facility was completed.”

He noted that the expansion of the warehouse was as a result of previous discussions he had with small-scale importers. Correspondingly, he added that a nation can only be built when people learn to solve problems and come up with solutions.

Cost of local inspection of imported goods lowered

The President announced that the cost of local inspection of imported goods had been decreased from 5%-0.6% of customs value. And, this is part of the Government’s commitment to helping the country’s small businesses.

NCDC-Nairobi would make it easier for importers to expand their businesses and this is considering the centrality of NCDC.

Importantly, the President urged the traders to be faithful in paying their taxes. Consequently this would allow the government to continue providing key services to them. He also warned trying to bypass existing procedures. The President said that all consolidators will be needed to process their cargo containers at the new facility.

President Uhuru said that his government will continue improving the city of Nairobi. He added that Nairobi Metropolitan Service will continue improving infrastructure and providing basic services to all.