10 Side Hustles to Start Earning Money from Home in Kenya.

If you have extra time to spare and skills you can use to make extra money apart from your 9-5, you should consider getting a side hustle.

You can do side hustles at the comfort of your home without having to commute to an office or a workspace.

You just require one skill or a few skills to do these side hustles done. If you don’t have the skills already, you can teach yourself some of the skills in whatever area you are interested in.

We all need extra money and these side hustles can be the source of your extra income.

1.Create an Online Course

This is a great way to earn money from home and all you need is to create a short online course about your area of interest or expertise.

For example, if you are a teacher in a specific subject, you can create an online course and model it into your own liking and one that can be easily comprehended.

You might be really good in a specific area in your career and you can create a course based on that.

For example, you might be a finance guru and with a great interest in savings and investing. You can create a simple and yet intensive online course on financial planning, savings and investing.

Maybe you are good at social media marketing, you can create an online course on social media marketing and earn from it.

2.Social Media Management

Most companies have their target audience online but still struggle with managing their social media platforms and maintaining their online presence.

If you have an experience in social media management or would learn how to do it, you should consider having it as a side hustle.

Scout companies and see how their social media presence is. You can reach out to these brands or companies and offer to manage their social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In or YouTube.

Some of the busy and influential individuals require people to manage their social media professionally. If you can do that, why not reach out and get paid for managing social media accounts and online communities.

3.Web Design

With the increased presence of companies online, more and more brands and institutions require websites.

Most individuals are not able to do website development and design for themselves and look for people to do that for them.

If you are good at web designing, you can do that as a side hustle and design websites for brands, companies and institutions.


More and more people are getting themselves in the content creation space and YouTube is one of the best places.

This requires creativity, time, consistency and other bonus skills such as video editing, etc. If you can create content in video form, you should consider YouTube.

You can use YouTube to create content for different use – entertainment or informational/educational purposes.

If you want to do YouTube, figure out your areas of interest and base your channel on that. It can be fashion, traveling, documenting activities you enjoy, etc. 

With time, you will create a YouTube community and earn from ads, sponsored content, etc.


Do you have good photography skills or an eye for good images that tell a story? Doing photography can be a good side hustle and you can earn money from it.

There are so many online sites where you can sell an image and get good money for it. Think of Shutterstock, Canva, etc.

Apart from selling the photos, you can create a portfolio displaying all the work you have done and get clients. Companies, brands and individuals can reach you through your portfolio or your social media accounts.


Do you love driving and interacting with strangers? Uber can be your perfect side hustle fit. You could use your car for Uber services or rent a car from someone and give them a commission for your Uber Rides.

Go to companies that provide taxi services through an app and register yourself as an Uber driver and get paid for driving someone to their destination.

Another option is having someone else use your car for Uber services and you get a good percentage of money from the rides they make.


This is a good side hustle if you are bilingual. As a translator, you convert text from one language to another and get paid for that.

Use the languages you know very well to earn yourself money.

There are so many translation websites that offer online translation jobs and you can find one or two of those and earn money as a translator.

Also, many non-governmental organizations work in different communities and mostly need translators in their documentation projects.  You can work with these NGOs to translate their video/audio documentations.

8.Buy and sell used books – text books, novels

Brand new books are a little bit pricy and some of the people who read books prefer buying used books and giving them a second home. The used books are obviously cheaper compared to new books in the book store. 

You can be a collector of books from previous owners and sell them from the comfort of your home for a good price. You can start a social media page to sell these books then deliver them to your customers.

Used text books on subjects such as Medicine, Business Management, etc. are a good gem considering how expensive most of them can be.

If you can acquire used novels, self-help books, text books, children books, etc. sell them and get yourself some extra money.

9.Taking Online Surveys

If you have extra minutes to spare regularly why not go online and get paid to take surveys?

There are so many organizations, companies and individuals doing studies and research and have surveys online.

Taking online surveys can be a good side hustle if you know how to choose the right ones to take.

Some surveys take some time to complete but at least you end up getting money you did not have anyway.

There are several online survey companies you can choose to work with and earn extra dollars monthly for the surveys you take.

Sign up for at least 2-4 survey companies to avoid cluttering your inbox and you brain. Working with at least 2-4 will not overstress or overburden you.

Above all, you are literally being paid to express yourself and give your opinions and feedback to companies.

10.Fitness Instructor

People want to stay fit but find it difficult to get a fitness instructor without having to go to the gym.

If you love fitness and you can guide individuals through their fitness journey at the comfort of your home, consider becoming a fitness instructor.

You can create fitness guides or exercises for different fitness goals incorporated with a nutrition guide. People can pay a few dollars for the guides and you earn your money through that.

This can be really rewarding if you have a good level of experience in fitness.


These 10 side hustles are among the many hustles you can start and earn money from home. You just need the necessary few skills and time to spare to get the work done and earn money.