5 Alternatives to Working from Home.

Different people have different experiences when it comes to working from home. Some enjoy it while others find it overwhelming because of being stuck in the same environment Monday to Monday.

COVID-19 has brought along a new way of life we were not ready for but one we are still embracing. And with the sudden turn of events and the uncertainty of the future, our way of life remains to be taken a day at a time.

Most people have been stuck in their houses for the last couple of months, something they never saw coming or prepared for. The transition process and experience has been different for different people around the world.

Millions of people around the world have lost jobs during this unforgiving pandemic. On the other side, those who still have their jobs have been forced to embrace the work-from-home culture.

In an earlier post we talked about the stress that comes with working from home and how to avoid or deal with it. For some people, adjusting to working from home has been overwhelming and it’s not been easy. One, simply because they find it difficult to create a line between work and home.

For some, the environment is just not conducive for them to fully concentrate and get work done especially if they are parents.

Others find living and working in the same space draining probably why they preferred going to the office. For some people, they prefer work to be separated from home and focus on each separately during their specified times. They just loved going to work every morning, dealing with work issues, and putting aside home issues. When they go home, they deal with home issues. The existence of an office is what put a separation between work and home. 

The Alternatives.

If you are struggling with working from your house every day, maybe trying to switch things up a little would be the break you need from the monotony.

If you feel less motivated as days go by, drained and feel like you tend to procrastinate a lot, consider the following alternatives to working from home once or twice a week.

These spaces away from the house might be what you need. Consider taking a break from the same routine and the same environment once in a while.

A break will give you a mental breathing space that you really need if you are struggling and feeling drained.

A change of environment can help reduce boredom, reduce procrastination, re-energize thus increasing your productivity. 

Plan out your work calendar and have the days with more serious work set out away from home. In these spaces, you will be able to get a lot of work done with less or no distractions at all.

Coffee shop/ restaurants.

If you have never worked from a coffee shop or a quiet restaurant, you should have this at the top of your list.

Most coffee shops and restaurants allow their customers to use their laptops to work from their space. Most coffee shops and restaurants have power outlets and WI-FI services available. All you have to do is buy a cup of coffee or whatever else you want to order from their menu.

With COVID-19, most coffee shops and restaurants are only allowing a certain number of people to sit in the space for a while. With that in mind, have a specific day planned and go to a coffee shop/ restaurant in a less busy side of town. Carry your laptop and whatever materials you need for work and spend a good amount of hours getting work done.

With the less distractions or none at all, you will definitely get a significant amount of work done by the time you leave.

Hotel Rooms. 

With COVID-19, the tourism industry has been affected and most city hotels are not in business as usual.

Some hotels are now letting their empty hotel rooms to locals as office space at a good fee.

Find out the hotels offering such services and use their space once in a while as a break from the house.

All you need is your laptop bag and whatever file you are working on. The hotel provides a quiet environment and strong WI-FI for you to work. The same way you would work in your hotel room during a staycation, this now will be a ‘workcation’.

Co-working space.

Co-working spaces are popular among self-employed individuals such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent professionals.

And now, with the wake of COVID-19 and most people having to work remotely more people are using such spaces.

Co-working spaces provide a perfect environment to work remotely by offering a comfortable working space where you can focus. You can also hold meetings as they provide board rooms for that in case you need to.

The co-working spaces provide high-speed WI-FI, therefore, you don’t need to have your own WI-FI or hotspot

Depending on a few factors such as location, etc. the fee packages differ with common ones being hourly or monthly. If you don’t need the space daily, you just pay for the hours of the day you will be there. 

Do your research and find out the co-working spaces in your area and choose the one that works for you.


Libraries are a great place to work from once in a while considering how quiet libraries are. They have comfortable seats, tables, WI-FI, electronic resources, and physical materials you might need.

You could benefit from all the journals, reports, books, etc. in the library. Additionally, in case you need to hold any private meetings most libraries have spaces you can use.

Most universities and community colleges have their libraries open to the public for free. There are also community-based libraries that are meant for the community members. Some of these libraries may require a one-time registration to get access to the library and use their resources.

You can spend as much time as you need from the time the library opens to when it closes.

Get to find out the libraries around you and pop in here and then and get some serious work done.   

Private office.

This might be an expensive option to consider but can work effectively.  But if you can afford it, why not consider it?

You can actually use this alternative as much as you want to without limit. In a private office, you are the only one using the space compared to a co-working space or a coffee shop.

With this, you cut down all the possible distractions like seeing someone else working at the other corner.

Most of the private offices meant for remote working are not very huge. And if the location is not high end, the office might not cost an arm and a leg.


Working remotely or from home can be challenging if you stick to the same environment or scenery.

You get bored, your brain energy and physical energy get drained and lose your everyday motivation once in a while.

Switch up your environment to a coffee shop, a co-working space, a library, or a hotel room once or twice a week.

As you alternate your working scenery, have a checklist to ensure you have all you need to have a smooth work day. Carry your portable internet just in case the internet connection of your alternative space is not strong as you want it to. 

Switching up your house scenery with a different one once in a while will help you re-energize and improve your productivity.