Avoid These Things If you want to be Successful

They say life is what you make it and a sum of the choices you make, good or bad. Choices you make in regards to your health and your social life determines the general trajectory of your life.

There are key things that will mess your life up and make you live a life full of chaos. Emotional chaos, physical chaos, financial chaos among others.

  1. Big Ego.

Ego is one of man's greatest enemies. A big Ego is not a strong ego, there is a difference.

A big Ego tells you no one is better than you, no one can tell you anything, it's your way or no way.  It's all about you, but in a self centered way affecting the people interacting with you.

It's hard to get through life when your ego takes the best of you and rules your relations, at work, in your friendships, relationships and at home.

Egotistical people push their friends, family, and colleagues away from them because they are full of themselves.

They do not compromise in relationships even if the compromise is positive. They have a hard time accepting failures and loss as they always want to win yet life itself is not like that, you have to lose at some point.

When it comes to things not going their way, they are very defensive and this makes it difficult to solve conflicts in their relations.

Egotistical people have been identified as narcissistic and controlling making it difficult to deal with them.

Big ego will interfere with your happiness. You will find it hard to enjoy the little things in life and to enjoy your relationships.

Learn to control your ego as this will make your people interactions easier and bearable.

  1. Poor Choice of Friends.

Friendships play a key role in your life. Both good and bad friendships.

Friends influence your thoughts and your feelings, your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

We as human beings tend to do a lot of our activities with our friends and spend a lot of time with our friends. We value their thoughts and their opinions on our life choices, the job we should take, the house we should live in, extras.

Positive/good friendships nourish our lives and help us make good choices that will challenge us and grow us. They want the best for you and they will support you emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

On the other hand, bad friendships involve negative friends. They don't support you and they keep bringing you down instead of taking you up. They make you feel bad about yourself and your life. They are selfish, self centered and just think of what they can gain from the friendship but not what they bring.

They will drain you emotionally and financially. They don't build you, instead they break you.

Bad friendships can stress you and even increase your chances of getting depression and other mental health issues.

Cut off friends who don't improve your life and don't contribute positively or support your life journey and your dreams.

  1. Toxic Intimate Relationships.

Just like bad friendships, toxic or unhealthy intimate relationships will drain the life out of you emotionally and physically.

Difficult, hostile, abusive and strained relationships are harmful to your life.

Being in a toxic relationship for even a short time as 2 months can really change your life. It will be time wasted that you would never get back, emotions invested and emotions hurt, money invested and lost and you leave broken than when you entered.

Research shows people in toxic relationships are in high risks of developing mental health issues such as depression and chronic stress. They are at high risks of suffering obesity, hypertension among other issues.

Avoid being with partners or people who keep putting you down constantly, people who abuse you physically and emotionally.

Detect and quit relationships that don't make you feel good enough and you always have to prove your worth day in day out. Avoid relationships that make you feel the need to be someone else and not yourself. Quit relationships that make you withdraw yourself from family and friends or from activities that you love and matter to you like work.

  1. Negative Thoughts.

They say you are what you think about as your thoughts influence your emotions, your habits, your behavior and your decisions.

Negative thoughts can highly affect your mental health as these thoughts lead to stress, depression and affect how you even see yourself.

These thoughts can lead to self doubt and make you see yourself low and doubt your abilities. Negative thoughts affect your mood thus affecting your day's activities and productivity and your life in general.

Negative thoughts can play cards on you. The thoughts you have influence your perspective and views about life. They can make you see the reality of things differently and opposite of what the reality is.

Your thoughts affect your belief system and with time, your negative thoughts actually become your beliefs.

Every choice stems from a thought. So, the poor life choices and decisions you make stem from a single negative thought. A negative thought you allowed to control your feelings, views, perception and your beliefs.

Don't let negative thoughts control your life and limit your life.

  1. What People Think of You.

When you let people's opinions of you rule your life, you will have a really hard time and you will barely enjoy your life.

You will constantly be trying to make people like you and impress them and it's so hard to impress people. We are all different and we see life differently thus we all have different opinions and most of these opinions are not the facts.

People will always talk and have something to say about you and your life choices. The one thing you need to do is to not worry about it. Don't let it get into your head and start seeing yourself otherwise.

Other people's opinions have in no way have the ability to define who you are and your self worth. No one else apart from you should tell you who you are or what you can and can't do.

Live your life led by your opinion as it is the only opinion that matters. Take the risks you want to take, start that business you want to start, apply for that job etc.  

Know who you want to be and where you want to be in life and don't let others make you feel like you don't have what it takes to get there.

Learn , grow, improve yourself and chase your dreams. Don't let other people's ideas of who they think you are or who you should be stop you.

  1. Being Materialistic Centered.

Materialism and happiness do not share the same page in the dictionary of life.

If you want to be happier in life, be less materialistic and focus more on experiences.

There is more to life than riches, a good house, a good car, shopping and eating good food or traveling the world.

Being materialistic draws you away from the more important things in life such as your purpose, your goals, experiencing life and life long happiness. Achieving your goals and living your purpose will give you more gratifying happiness than something you bought.

Material stuff just gives you gratification at the moment but they don't meet your emotional needs and void.

The more material stuff you have, the more clutter you have and the more stress you have. Most of the stuff is just cluttering your home and your life.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle.

Unhealthy habits and unhealthy life choices will mess your life. Your habits influence how you live your life.

So if you have unhealthy habits and make unhealthy choices, your life will be difficult and unfulfilling.

When you have poor eating habits such as skipping meals or eating unhealthy foods your health will be affected and you are at a high risk of developing chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Avoid unhealthy addictions such as smoking, alcoholism and other drugs as they impact your health negatively.

Other habits like ignoring your physical health by not exercising, consuming too much TV among others will lead to life limiting issues such as stress.

Take control of your life by taking control of your ego, making better choices of friends and cutting off bad friendships and toxic relationships.

Be in charge of your thoughts as they affect your feelings and behavior. Do not allow other people's views of who you are limit your life.  Prioritize experiences instead of materials and make healthy lifestyle choices.

With this, your life will be less chaotic.