How To Boost Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur.

Productivity is one key and crucial factor that will lead to the success of your business. Productivity is generally measured through results and the accomplishment of business goals and objectives. Most entrepreneurs place the role of productivity in the hands of their employees and think that as the Business Owner, they have little role to play. When it comes to business, most entrepreneurs have over time mistaken being busy for being productive. You can be busy however not productive. You can be in your business all day, each and every day, each and every week however with little success and little boom to show for it. In business, busy entrepreneurs work hard but productive entrepreneurs work hard and smart to accomplish their commercial enterprise desires and objectives. A productive entrepreneur will make positive that their everyday business things to do lead to a particular intention or objective being met. They do not simply sell, they sell to accomplish a goal or a goal they have put in place. It can be growing sales or enhancing customer service. They don’t just market, they market their products with a particular intention in thought and observe to make sure that intention is met within the exact time. Busy entrepreneurs can spend days with nothing tangible to exhibit for their time and effort. On the other side, productive entrepreneurs get matters executed and have outcomes to show for their input and efforts within a unique time. Being an entrepreneur can be stressful and a real juggling thing. Keeping your head going into everything can make you busy however you will not be productive. As an entrepreneur, you have to constantly try to improve your productivity and these tips will help boost your productivity and move you from a busy entrepreneur to a productive entrepreneur.
  1. Prioritize your tasks
As a business owner, there are so many things that need your attention. Some don’t really need it but they appear as though they do. So you need to understand what matter is important, what matter is urgent and what matter can wait to be attended to later. When you prioritize your tasks you will be more productive and less busy. You will attend to tasks according to their urgency and priority and you will have each task allocated to a specific time. With that, you will know what is to be done first and what is to be done at what time.
  1. Cut out pointless distractions 
Adam Hochschild said work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short. Throughout the day, there are many unnecessary things likely to draw you away from your priorities. When you give attention to these unnecessary distractions, your productivity is affected. Things like personal social media browsing, personal calls and messages that are not important, among others are distractions. Put your phone somewhere not so easy to access or even put a blocker on your computer or phone that boosts productivity. Avoid unnecessary meetings or visits to your office that waste your time. Be in a quiet and work friendly environment to help you focus on your task without distractions such as noise. Cutting out pointless things helps you avoid distractions and boosts your focus on more important tasks.
  1. Keep away from multitasking
As an Entrepreneur, your days are very busy and you have a lot to get done. And when possible, avoid doing several things at the same time. You cannot fully concentrate on two tasks and be productive in both.  As an entrepreneur, put your focus on one task at a time. When you are trying to get so many things done daily, it is so easy to jump from task to task. Jumping from task to task makes you leave many tasks incomplete and not well done. Focusing and fully concentrating on one task at a time until it’s completed enables you to do that task to the fullest potential as your attention is not divided to ten others.
  1. Make a list of matters to get accomplished
With the hundred things to be done you can’t possibly remember all of them. Throughout the day, have a place you can write down all the tasks you need to attend to or tasks you need to delegate to your employees. With this, you are able to know the business tasks that need to be done and help you be able to appoint time for each task It’s quite hard to overlook something written down in front of you as you will keep looking at it until you get it done. It can be a sticky note on your desk or a note/reminder on your computer.
  1. Delegate menial tasks taking up your time
The fact that you are human, you cannot get everything done on your own. Considering other factors such as time and abilities, we all need help here and there. When you try to do everything yourself, you will be fatigued and this affects your productivity. Consider delegating the menial/simple tasks to your staff or hire an assistant to help with basic tasks. You can save your valuable time to focus on other priorities and leave the simple tasks to other people.
  1. Make use of Technology/Apps
Factors such as health, habits, time and task management among other factors affect productivity. But, most entrepreneurs may forget the factor of technology. With technology, many apps have been developed  to increase productivity. There are so many effective applications that can improve your productivity. There are apps that will help you relieve stress thus making you more productive. Miscommunication has been proven to affect the efficiency of many businesses. But there are apps that will help you improve the communication between your teams making you more efficient. With the many tasks to get done, get a task management app or tool. This app will help you be more organized in your business helping you plan and manage your workload. Make use of Google Drive. This will help you have all your files in one place. You can improve your productivity and that of your team as you improve your organization and communication.
  1.  Be Accountability Driven
Accountability is one secret tool for all successful Business owners. Having people you are accountable to such as your business partners, customers or a friend can really motivate you to be productive. Share your set goals with these people, especially people you can report back to such as your partners. Accountability to customers who expect you to meet their needs is great because if you don’t meet them, they move to the next entrepreneur who can . Knowing you have people to answer to for not meeting your goals will make you more motivated to accomplish them.
  1. Have Breaks During the Day
Work and rest go together. You cannot overlook either and expect productivity. You have to balance these two. You cannot be on your desk all day every day without a break. A 15 Minutes break will do you more good than harm as it increases your productivity. A break helps you refocus, take a breather and get recharged.
  1. Remember Why You Started
When you feel behind in your business and slow in accomplishing your goals, ask and remind yourself why you started your business. The reason behind your business influences the success of your business and the work you put into it.  That’s why you should not start your business for the wrong reason like to just get money. When you remember your Why, this will motivate you to push harder and refocus boosting your morale. Think of the impact your business brings and the needs of your customers that you meet. Think of the employees who depend on your business to provide for their families by working with you. This will definitely boost your morale making you more productive. 
  1. Make time to unplug
 Apart from the breaks you take daily during the day, make time to unplug. This will help you avoid a mental breakdown. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to be on the grind all the time. You leave the office late and when you get home you still want to get more work done. You are enroute to mental breakdown. With wanting to be on at all times will disrupt your creative flow and reduce your productivity. Take time to unplug, if you don’t, it’s only a count of time before all those balls come crashing down. Many entrepreneurs struggle with productivity and this affects their general output of the business. Lucky for you, with these simple ways, you will massively improve your productivity as an entrepreneur and your business will thank you and you will thank yourself.