Future of technology post-covid

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted the entire system of life. Everything around us has been disrupted. Since the virus is multiplying at a rapid rate, the governments across the world are introducing methods to flatten the curve. Maintaining social distance and self-isolation has become the new normal. The governments of respective countries also enforced lockdown around the world to ensure protection to its citizens. Although the trials for vaccines are on, they haven’t done much progress. But, how long would the lockdown continue? Honestly, the lockdown is only disrupting the economy. Although it plays an important role in keeping the citizens safe, the lockdown is negatively impacting the people. It is for this reason, it is being suggested to remove lockdown in less or zero contaminated areas. One thing that will surely see a massive change in the post-covif world is the technology. With social distancing being the new normal, it is necessary to maintain specific distances to overcome the challenges of communication. The communication field is likely to see a massive change. The change in communication technology which will highly impact the post-covid world include the following

Virtual Meeting

Covid-19 outbreak put up a lot of restrictions on moving. As a result, the lockdown not only prevented meetings but huddles as well. However, it did promote the trend of virtual meets.

Several applications such as Google Meet, Zoom and Skype are already on the rise to promote the benefit of COVID-19 social distancing. The world has moved from a handful of participants to thousands of them moving online to attend meetings, seminars and more. Since there is no vaccine yet, people are still promoting the social distancing etiquette. The coming together of more than 20 people at a place will still be restricted. Hence, for this reason, experts are of the view that the virtual meeting apps’ popularity will still be on the rise.

AI-based communication

Communication will be eased to a great extent with the help of Artificial intelligence or machine learning. As suggested, communication will need to be improved via different networks to handle the load. The data type will have a great role in influencing the network load and number of users. This further helps to ensure better delivery of the content. Experts suggest that the network transmission will be made by the network on the basis of the number of users and switches will further be approved on that aspect itself. Undoubtedly, this will have a huge impact on boosting the user-experience from different fronts.

IoT solutions

With time, the Internet of Things will surely be on the rise due to the coming in of smart devices. Experts recommend that the post covid world will see a massive rise in the number of such smart devices across all platforms. These smart devices will not only become predominant in homes but offices as well. These devices, like your phones will need to be constantly updated via the internet to ensure better functioning. The coming in of 5G network is also being anticipated which will further ensure better software devices. As a result, every aspect will be made cost-effective thereby reducing the impact of network congestion across different mobile networks.


While the world was taking time to adjust with 4G, 5G has already made its way in the network market. The testing for 5G started across different countries but is hindered with the coming in of COVID-19. However, there are high possibilities that after COVID-19, 5g will be launched in the market. The service-based architecture is prone to adopting the platforms accordingly. Also, once 5g is launched in the market, there will be high functionality.

The coming in of 5G after Covid-19 will help to improve a number of problems and also cater to different services such as IoT, Low latency and more. Low latency quality of 5G will play an important role in improving the networking solutions across different platforms.

Rural Broadband

Covid-19 outbreak has proven to be extremely beneficial in changing the broadband demographic of the cities. Due to the lockdown, many people have moved from cities to their respective villages. The pandemic isn’t going anytime soon. Hence, there are very less chances of the population to return to specific cities. The government of respective countries have ensured that they will be installing rural broadband with high-speed mobile internet. The high-speed internet will be changing the face of working and ensure better connectivity in rural areas. This will further be beneficial for different aspects such as government, education and more. Apart from this, the wireless technology is also being anticipated to be implemented to offer a cost-effective and faster solution. The wider spectrum of network connectivity will eventually prove to be helpful and determine complete coverage over the networks.


Ever since the countries were put in lockdown, the trend of work-from-home has severely been promoted. This is proving to be very beneficial in different aspects as countries move a lot towards improving the entire aspect. The work-from-home culture of businesses is leading to the increasing demand for faster internet. As a result, high-speed internet will ease the problems of work-from-home. The work-from-home culture will indeed be beneficial in different aspects thereby promoting a healthy environment across. Until a vaccine is introduced, there are very less chances of everyone to start working from offices. Thus, work-from-home will be the revolutionary technique to boost up the economy.

Satellite-based asset tracking solution

Mobile network is patchy across different regions. Hence, efforts are being made to improve the problems. Experts suggest that there will be a massive rise in improved mobile networks across different remote solutions. However, the patchy mobile network will continue to rise in certain areas. This will eventually give a rise to satellite-based connectivity to receive and data from a centralized location. The offices will be set up to monitor the transfer of data via the centralized location. Covid-19 has already brought a lot of changes in the world. Plus, it is likely to bring more changes in the world. To ensure easy movement of world and economy, technology will play an important role and further drive the country towards a better future.