How to survive the quarantine as an extrovert

If you are here reading how to survive the quarantine, chances are you are an extrovert and are looking out for ways to get out. Sorry to say, if you want to get out of the house, you cannot because this is not the time to. If it has been long that you have not gone out of the house, kudos, you have already done your part to flatten the curve of Covid-19 cases. However, that is not the end because you still need to be in your house and looking for ways of staying safe. The pandemic is surely not going anytime soon and WHO claims that there are high chances of a second or third wave. Therefore, it is better to stay in and save lives, not only yours but your loved ones as well. Surviving the quarantine is not that easy but most definitely not impossible. Once you have made up your mind about surviving the quarantine despite having severe extrovert qualities, you can do it.

How to survive as an extrovert?

We totally get it that you need to go out, have adventures and keep the adrenaline rush high always. Nevertheless, you just cannot do it now since you have to prevent the virus from spreading any further. Honestly, staying in during quarantine will be undeniably hard. The fact that you do not know how to survive indoors is itself challenging. You need to analyze every aspect a little and proceed with it clearly. Quarantine is all about distancing yourself from others, so, just do your part. We understand that there may be a myriad of negative thoughts lingering in your head. It is time that you stand up, fight your demons, and then convert your negative thoughts into positivity. Therefore, here we have some of the best ways through which you will stop feeling dull and feel better.

Get in group hangouts

You are just separated from your loved ones in reality (only if you're stuck in different places). But, the world hasn't prevented you from getting in touch with your loved ones virtually. So, even when you cannot get in touch with your loved ones in real life, you can hangout virtually. Honestly, when you go out in times of COVID-19 outbreak, people will judge you. Hence, it is better not to do so. Different apps are available such as Skype, BYOB, Google Meet that help you connect with your friends and family online. Also, the multiplayer online games allow you to host virtual dinner parties.

Just give up the thought that you cannot see your loved one, it is only temporary. If you're feeling claustrophobic, shift your attention. Extroverts often find their houses boring. Why? Because they do not get enough space to channelize their energy. If you have been feeling claustrophobic in your house, it is time that you shift your focus towards something interesting.

Honestly, your house isn't as boring as you think it to be. Although there is limited space, there are a lot of things you can do. People often start feeling claustrophobic in limited space. The first and foremost thing to avoid the claustrophobic feeling is to ensure that you're not in the same spot for a long time. You may have the urge to stick to your sofa or bed for all day long. But, this isn't something you should be doing. You can assign a specific area for each part of the day and proceed accordingly. And did we tell you that there are apps that can make you feel as if you're outdoors? There isn't one, but numerous. So, download the apps from playstore, sit by your window and feel the vibe of being outdoors.

Get creative

Lately, most people have been complaining that they don't get enough time for themselves. This has eventually led to the absence of zeal to create something better. Over the years, if you have been involved with arts and have lost the zeal to create it because you did not get enough time, this is the time to do it. The quarantine has provided everyone with ample time thereby ensuring that they can indulge in numerous activities. So, pick up your colors and start painting. Don't want to involve yourself in painting? Pick up any other hobby that you have loved and rejuvenate it. Start living your old memories. These will help to shrug off all the negative thoughts and make you feel a lot positive.

Also, it will make you feel a lot like you. Don't you want to live the feeling too?

Start cooking for yourself

The thought that you don't have good food enough to eat is itself annoying. Why? Because you cannot go out and not everyone likes home cooked meals. You cannot go out and you cannot order food in too. Since you have enough time for yourself, you can indulge yourself in cooking. Cooking is fun and once you start following it, honestly, you won't have enough of it.

YouTube is filled with tutorials, so you can try any of them and start cooking. Also, home-cooked meals are healthy too. Moreover, since you have cooked yourself, there's a different feel about it. But, things are opening now, so you might as well prefer opting for local businesses. You can go out if you want depending on your area. In this quarantine period, you may be feeling that you cannot get fresh air. But, things aren't so. If your area doesn't fall under contamination zone and you have a terrace, you can surely opt for going out. If you want to go out, the terrace is the limit. Not only do you get the breath of fresh air, but you also get some time to interact with others. So, don't feel that you cannot get fresh air. Also, you get the time to go grocery shopping. Don't you? That is also a potential time to get fresh air. Surviving quarantine, in isolation and away from others can be pretty hard as an extrovert. But honestly, it's all in your mind. If you try to shift your focus from negative to positive, a lot of things will change in terms of perspective.

Feeling down? Implement these tips today and watch the impact.