Google has announced new job openings as it opens a new office in Kenya

Tech giant Google is opening Africa’s first development center in Nairobi, where it will hire 100 additional staff in order to grow its foundation on the continent, 

According to Google, the new hub will aid in the development of revolutionary goods and services in the technology space for people in Africa and around the world.

Engineering managers, product managers, software engineers, and developer relations engineers are among the new hires sought by the company.

“We’re looking for talented, creative, and collaborative people who can help solve difficult and important technical challenges, such as improving the smartphone experience for people in Africa or building products that will help everyone to thrive together.”

“We’re hiring engineers, product managers, UX designers, and researchers in Nairobi who want to build helpful products and services for people in Africa and around the world,” added Google CEO Sundar Pichai in a tweet.

The firm’s commitment to driving Africa’s digital development through human capital and allowing African-led solutions to African and global problems through better products was reinforced by Nitin Gajria, Managing Director for Google in Africa.

Suzanne Frey, Google’s Vice President for products said Google’s objective in Africa is to assist Africans to use the Internet and to collaborate with African governments, legislators, educators, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to influence the continent’s next wave of innovation.

“I am excited to welcome all Africans passionate about improving the digital experience of African users by building better products to apply for the open roles,” Frey. 

Africa is anticipated to have 800 million internet users by 2030, accounting for one-third of the world’s population under 35.

Google is the latest company to open an innovation hub in Nairobi, joining a growing number of tech giants.

Google originally stated that it would contribute $1 billion over the next five years to improve internet access and boost entrepreneurship in Africa.

“Africa has been at the forefront of innovation, and we believe that we are going to continue to develop and innovate right here on the continent,” said Charles Murito, Google’s policy lead for Sub-Saharan Africa. 

To check and apply for the job openings, visit Google’s website.