Rent a shelf; an alternative to owning space as a small business owner.

Owning a physical business space can be challenging for many small business owners. Rent accounts for roughly 80% of a company’s operating costs, implying that rent consumes the majority of a company’s profits. Renting a space might not be in the budget for many of them thus a good number consider doing their business online. 

However, even as an online business owner, you definitely need a space to store your business stock or a space where your customers can pick up their orders. 

Using commercial shelves or well known as Rent a shelf is one of the greatest solutions for small business owners who mainly run their business online.

Commercial shelves providers provide a solution for online sellers by establishing a strategic location where customers may pick up their purchased items.

Basically, what happens is you rent a shelve or as many shelves at a monthly fee of as low as 15 or 25 USD (1500-2500 KSH)  in a shop location. You only pay for your space in this fully serviced retail establishment and everything else is taken care of except the shop attendant and the permits. 

All you need to do is make sure your shelf is stocked and the rest is left to your ‘shelf landlord’


You only need to stock your shelf, and if you have additional inventory, there is extra storage available. When customers come in, the shelf serves as your display.


Most of the rent a-shelf providers give the option of providing delivery and even packaging for your orders.   

Pick up points 

You could use your rented shelf location as a pick-up point for customers who do not want delivery services. 

In Kenya, Notify logistics is one of the providers that have shelves for hire in the CBD for small business operators at an affordable fee. 

Final Thoughts…

It can cost thousands of shillings to run a business in the CBD. To begin renting commercial space, you must pay a one-time flat sum fee known as goodwill, which the building owners require. Three months’ rent must be paid in advance. However, by renting a shelf you will part with very little money per month and serve your customers conveniently.