Great people make your business great

People make businesses. Your employees could make or break your small business. 

You have definitely heard the phrase “the customer is always right” and as a business, how your people treat or interact with your customers determines whether your customers are happy or not. 

Your workforce is your business’s true value producer, they determine the health and the success of your business. They produce the value your business represents in the market. 

On the other hand, how you treat and interact with your employees determines how they represent you and the value they bring to your business. It’s important more than ever as an employer to create job happiness. As they say, ‘loyal and happy employees create happy and loyal customers. 

That being said, this is how you can create great workmanship for your business, workmanship that is highly productive and passionate. 

1. It starts with who you hire: Hire right.

Don’t hire somebody just because their resume is a killer. You have to look beyond the resume. It’s not all about the skills they hold. 

Think about your business and the daily processes of running your business. Will the candidate fit into your business culture? What about their personality? Is it in sync with what your business requires? 

It’s also important to consider the candidate’s value system in line with your business’s value system.  Your brand is supposed to resonate with their personal beliefs and values. 

2.Support their growth 

Growth is a part of life and so it is in the business world. 

What your employee has determines what your business has. A company that treats its employees as if they are investing in their future is one that will have reciprocity and mutual respect. 

Training is an investment in a good staff complement, making your employees see that you consider them as future assets. Furthermore, well-trained employees require less supervision and can be left on their own and get the work done.  

3.Assist them in realizing their own potential.

Many employees have no idea of what they are capable of and others have no idea what is expected of them or how to go above and beyond.

You may determine where each employee sees themselves in the business and set tangible goals to assist them to get there by simply identifying each person’s ideal performance areas and having open communication.

Limiting growth might lead to dissatisfied employees who seek advancement elsewhere. Keep in mind that advancement does not always imply promotion; it could also imply additional training or benefits. For example, you could have them choose short online courses in line with your business industry and pay for those courses. 

4.Don’t be the employer who plays favorites 

We all know that everybody is not everybody’s cup of tea. 

In your business, you will definitely have employees who go far beyond the rest, and this is expected because of the different personalities. 

It’s necessary to use a one-size-fits-all technique when implementing rules and creating boundaries as this is essential for any well-run business.

While certain employees may have earned special privileges, conventional HR regulations should apply to all employees. Giving one employee a warning for being late while allowing another to arrive beyond expected reporting time is a sure bet to create irritated colleagues and power clashes. Let all rules apply to all employees. 

5.Have an open-door policy 

With an open-door policy, your employees will understand that you can come to them and they can come to you. Most employees find it difficult to complain, especially about their immediate supervisors.

Consider setting up an anonymous communication route so that your employees can air their grievances or frustrations without feeling intimidated if you don’t have an HR representative on staff.

Final Thoughts…

Everything else falls into place when you prioritize your staff. Your employees will be delighted to come to work every day and give as much as they can. Prioritizing them means prioritizing your customers’ happiness.