5000 SMEs to benefit from Google’s Hustle Academy

Google has announced that the newly launched Hustle Academy will provide free training to 5,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Google Hustle Academy is a Bootcamp-style training program meant to assist entrepreneurs and small company owners in positioning their businesses for investment opportunities and developing future-proof business models.

The Hustle Academy is a hands-on educational program that includes interactive activities and subject-matter experts. It also connects you to a worldwide network of mentors and graduates.

To help SMEs in Africa overcome the problems they face, business owners will receive five days of hands-on training and 3,000 hours of training on core principles of business.

Hustle Academy’s business training areas 

Strategic growth workshops, such as business growth strategy, establishing digital marketing roadmaps, locating and analyzing funding avenues, and how to pitch for success, are among the subjects covered in the training program.

Momanyi said the initiative was set up to help SMEs, which are the engines that propel every economy forward. 

“In Africa, SMEs account for around 80% of jobs and are a significant source of economic growth. In order to grow the economy and increase employment, it is crucial that small businesses have access to the right tools, training and funding to scale up.”

The Academy’s aim is to help entrepreneurs manage the challenges they confront in their businesses by giving them the tools and knowledge they need.

Businesses eligible for the training 

  • Businesses who have been in existence for more than a year
  • Have formed a business plan
  • Have defined their product or service offering
  • Are looking to expand
  • They must also have made a profit or be within 1-3 months of breaking even in the past 12 months.

Google has been providing digital skills training in Africa since 2017, and while there has been measurable progress in developing these skills, SMBs require more hands-on assistance.

According to Google, the Hustle Academy’s main goal is to provide small businesses with the skills, resources, and access they need to thrive and grow.

“We hope that through the Hustle Academy training this year, we will assist 5,000 SMEs and entrepreneurs across Africa take their business to the next level and scale our efforts to help even more businesses in the future,” Google’s Small and Medium Business lead East and West Africa, Rosemary Momanyi.

Those interested can apply here https://events.withgoogle.com/google-hustle-academy/

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