Safaricom and NSSF partner to launch the Mini M-pesa App to offer pension services

Safaricom has teamed with NSSF to provide consumers the NSSF Mini App on the M-pesa Super App as a convenient way to access services. Customers can use the M-pesa Super App to register for NSSF membership, track their contributions, top up and manage their NSSF account, and make Tenant Purchase Scheme (TPS) payments.

“The demand for NSSF services and the need to save for pension has gone beyond formally employed people to entrepreneurs, especially those running medium and small businesses. It has therefore become necessary to partner with organizations such as Safaricom to extend the reach of our services, including through smartphones on the NSSF M-pesa Mini App.” NSSF. 

Customers can use the M-pesa Super App’s “Discover” option to access the App.

As part of the launch, the first 1,000 NSSF members who contribute using the NSSF M-pesa Mini App will receive a 10% bonus credited to their account.

By forming critical connections with organisations like NSSF, Safaricom continues to look for new ways to give their consumers even more convenience and access to beneficial services. 

What you can do with the app

“The NSSF Mini App will go a long way in providing customers with an exceptional user experience while providing them with the freedom to access services on their smartphones at any time through the M-PESA Super App.” Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa. 

The launch of the NSSF M-pesa Mini App comes after the launch of Haba Haba, a savings plan for jua kali enterprises, in November 2019.

Members of Haba Haba can save a minimum of Ksh. 25 per day, with the option of withdrawing 50% of their contributions after a minimum of 5 years of continuous contributions.

The M-pesa Super App provides customers with a range of Mini Apps that enables them to conveniently access a variety of products and services from a single app on their smartphones, including SGR booking, airline tickets, bus tickets, shopping gifts vouchers, insurance gas delivery, and Pay TV services.

Other key features of the Super App include saving of frequent bills, downloadable M-pesa statements, use of fingerprint and face lock in place of the M-pesa pin, Send to Many, among others.