Microsoft Introduces a Teams Option for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Microsoft has introduced Teams Essentials the first-ever stand-alone version of Microsoft Teams specifically designed for (SMBs) and priced at USD 4 (Shs 448) per user per month.

Teams Essentials will allow small businesses to better serve their customers, develop their business, and achieve competitive advantages in a variety of ways, including the ability to quickly organize longer, professional meetings with colleagues, customers, and partners.

This team’s option will also help boost the SMEs’ productivity through tools and features such as calendar integration, group chat, and extended meeting limits of up to 30 hours and 300 people at once. 

Furthermore, Teams Essentials helps SMEs keep organized while also saving time by bringing together existing tools in one location, allowing for robust collaboration and an increase of 10GB of cloud storage.

“We all know the shift to remote and hybrid work has presented ample challenges for companies of all sizes, but the unique challenges that small businesses face require unique solutions, and Microsoft is well-positioned to provide its SMB customers with the best possible tools to succeed.” Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365. 

Small businesses, from restaurants to retailers to professional services, can meet, work, communicate and serve their customers better with Teams Essentials.