Are you a graphic designer? You Could Be the Winner of KBL’s Corporate Logo Redesign Competition

The Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has launched a Corporate Logo Redesign Competition dubbed ‘Still Got Skillz?’. Still Got Skillz is open to individual Kenyan design artists or a group of up to 4 people aged between 21 – 25 years old. 

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Interested designers have been requested to submit their applications and their design samples of how KBL’s logo would look like through the company’s KBL’s designated website . The competition is open from November 29th to December 10th. 

The competition will see 3 winners awarded in three different cash prize positions.  The individual or group with the winning design submission will be awarded a cash prize of KSH 1 Million. They will also be awarded an internship at the J. Walter Thompson which is a Scangroup Creative Agency. 

The second-place winner will be awarded a cash prize of KSH 500, 000 and the third-place winner will be awarded a KSH 250, 000 cash prize. 

The competition judges will first select the top twenty winners who will then be guided to refine their designs by top professional designers. Among the twenty, the judges will then choose the top 3 designs to be awarded. 

According to KBL’s Managing Director, John Musunga the competition is open only for the youth aged 21 – 25 because they are the group that is mostly unemployed and lack experience. He amplified that the competition is meant to educate and guide the designers in coming up with a logo that shows the world KBL’s journey of 100 years.

“We aim for dual outcomes – a logo that reflects who we are as a company and a group of creative young men and women who can get on their way on a career path and experience the world of work.” John Musungu.  

The competition is part of KBL’s continued vision of working with local artists to grow its brands as it makes an impact on Kenya, Kenyans, and the world.  As of now,  KBL sources 80% of its raw materials from local farmers. 

A similar competition was of  ‘Still Got Skillz’ in 2019 which saw a new logo for one of KBL’s holding company East African Breweries Plc. 

The ‘Still Got Skillz’ 2019 winner advised young designers to submit whatever they have giving it their all saying it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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