Kenya leads in the Direct Selling Industry

According to the latest data from QNET, Kenya is the market leader in the Direct Selling Industry in the region.

In a non-retail setting, direct selling entails selling things directly to customers. Instead, sales take place from home, at work, on the internet, or at other non-store venues.

According to the report, Kenya has overcome Tanzania to take the lead among East African countries, thanks to a spike in smartphone use in the region’s most connected country.

East Africa’s Direct Selling Improves

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, QNET Chief Executive Malou Caluza claims the East African region’s direct selling has improved.

“We saw record-breaking growth of up to 65 percent in some African markets led by Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Comoros, and Ghana. Locals are adopting digital technologies exponentially, boosting productivity and employment opportunities as e-commerce opens up new prospects for businesses,” she explained.

East Africa, according to Caluza, is expected to be the next frontier for direct selling.

At 6%, the region has one of the greatest three-year compound annual growth rates. Locals are rapidly adopting digital technologies, boosting productivity and creating new job chances as e-commerce expands company potential.

Remote employment and gig opportunities

According to the research, remote employment and gig opportunities will be key to bolstering East Africa’s economy.

This process will be determined by how well digitization is integrated into the current economy, allowing firms to harness their digital commerce infrastructure and local know-how to generate new sources of income.

According to the 2020 World Federation of Direct Selling Association report, the number of people working in this industry in Africa increased by 17.3 percent year over year, bringing the total to 6.3 million distributors.

Companies utilize direct selling to advertise their products away from a physical retail store, directly to the end consumer, depending mostly on word-of-mouth advertising from existing customers.

Before digital businesses popularized flexible employment alternatives in recent years, the direct selling industry was the original gig economy business.

The direct selling business model is used by many companies all over the world to market distinctive products and services in areas like wellness and nutrition, personal and beauty care, and home care items, among others.

When consumers sign up as distributors of direct selling organizations, they get a terrific opportunity to become micro-entrepreneurs and create a sales business advertising such products.