KBL Launches The Diageo Bar Academy to train 10,000 bartenders.

As the economy recovers, Kenya Breweries Limited has launched a Diageo Bar Academy with the goal of improving bartenders’ capacity to provide great service to alcoholic beverage customers. Over the next eight months, the Academy plans to train 10,000 bartenders around the country.

The program intends to provide bartenders with new insights, such as cocktail trends and advice on safe re-openings. In a novel and inclusive twist, the organization is considering partnering with Sight Savers to onboard people with disabilities.

After months of Covid-related difficulties, the reopening time is essential for many outlets and KBL is continually exploring methods to support them.

“We are harnessing years of marketing expertise from our global brands and packaging it up. This means bars and restaurants can build their social media offering and drive footfall into venues while adapting to the new entertainment environment.” Joel Kamau, KBL Director. 

Change in Consumer tastes and preferences

Consumer tastes and preferences are changing on a daily basis, according to Kamau, who believes that bartenders need to be reskilled in order to fulfill these expectations and further their careers in Kenya. With the economy reopening and the holidays approaching, many outlets will want outstanding service delivery, he continued.

The academy will provide practical expertise to Kenyan bartenders who wish to advance their professions, encouraging them to consider bartending as a viable career option.

The most recent Diageo Bar Academy program, which began in February of this year has taught approximately 6,000 bartenders, two-thirds of whom were women. KBL also trained the majority of bartenders in remote locations, ensuring that locals and visitors may enjoy high-quality cocktails and service. 


Bartenders must attend a one-day training course in the first module, where they will learn about customer service, the art of bartending, instruments of the trade, drink categories, and responsible serving, among other things.