Reach Your Target Market Better using these Marketing Tactics

As an entrepreneur you can attest to the fact that marketing is one of the biggest determinants of your business’ success. You cannot put your business out there or reach your potential customers without marketing your business. 

In today’s era, marketing is not as ‘difficult’ as it was before when all entrepreneurs could depend on to put their business out there were traditional ways of marketing which were costly. 

With all the things the digital era has made possible, starting a business is easier these days and business owners are spoilt for choice in putting their business out there even on a shoestring marketing budget. 

When it comes to marketing, your existing customers and your potential customers are the backbone of successful marketing. You need them to keep your business running and to do that you need to keep them interested in what your business is offering, whether it’s a nail parlour business or a graphic design business. 

Reaching your target customers and keeping them interested requires remarkable marketing tactics. 

1.Social Media Marketing

You have definitely heard this a thousand times but how seriously do you take social media marketing? The world has evolved and the online space has become everyone’s space, from businesses to customers. This includes your competitors who have implemented social media marketing as an integral part of their business not just a once in a while thing to do just because they have a Facebook or an Instagram account. 

After knowing your target audience and the social media platforms they use the most, come up with a social media marketing strategy for whatever platform you choose. Importantly, figure out the content you want to put out to market your business, it can be photos, short videos, testimonials, etc. and create a content calendar. 

Create a content calendar as with tailored posts at the right timing, you’ll be able to reach the right audience. When it comes to social media, consistency is crucial, as is keeping track of your outcomes. Keeping track of numerous metrics allows you to change your strategy if something isn’t working.

Insta Market Days with Influencers 

Many influencers have come up with advertising offers for small businesses for as low as Ksh 2,000. Through these ‘market days’ small businesses are featured on the influencers’ stories and the influencers’ audience get to know about these small businesses. These businesses tend to grow their following through the mentions and make sales too. 

Running short ads with the influencers can be a great boost for your business helping you grow your customer base and make more sales. 

2.Point of Purchase Marketing 

This tactic is one of the most effective marketing tactics if you have a store or any other physical location where you get in contact with your customers.

With Point of Purchase marketing, you concentrate your efforts on potential clients who are currently in your store and ready to make a purchase. You may encourage impulse purchases in a variety of ways. Making the most of your visual products and establishing an engaging window display is one of them. Offering numerous coupons and stressing which things are on sale might also drive a larger buy, as can grouping items together. If you operate a nail parlour, you can have offers on some of your nail designs. 

3.Email and SMS marketing 

Some businesses overlook email marketing and SMS marketing. These two can help you stay in-touch with your customers. When new customers come to your store or buy from you online, make sure you get their contacts, whether it’s their email address or phone numbers. If you have a website, ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and incorporate a Call to Action button. 

Make sure you have an email list or contact list to help you engage with your customers. 

This way, you can easily communicate with them when you have offers on your products or services, sales, promotions, discounts, vouchers and even give them new stock alerts every two weeks. 

4.Valuable partnerships

What better way to market your business than partnering with other people or businesses that compliment your line of business?

Look out for events in line with your business, whether virtual or physical. Connect with other business owners whom you can mutually benefit from a partnership. Attend events that will help you connect with your target customers. They don’t have to be big events, even small community based events can be a great boost to connect with other businesses and potential customers. They can refer their clients to you, and you will treat them the same way you treat them. This strategy will allow you to easily expand your customer base.

5.Include some Offline tactics 

The same way you cannot overlook the value of email and SMS marketing when it comes to marketing approaches, you can’t ignore the potential of many older means either. Well, not all old tactics can work, you can consider some of the tactics. 

You can promote your business using banners, signages in the right places where your potential customers can see you. 

Additionally, you could consider using radios that offer free advertising for small businesses or at a small fee. 

Final Pointers 

Marketing being essential doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. But again, in business, you have to spend money to make money. With the above marketing tactics, you can spend some money to help you put your business out there. Whether its point of purchase marketing, Insta Market days with influencers, social media marketing, email and SMS marketing, you can put your business out there. 

Experiment on these tactics and see which ones work and which don’t work for your business.