CIC’s New Self-Service Portal for Garages and Assessors

CIC Group has launched a claim self-service provider portal for Garages and Assessors to improve the speed of the claims reconciliation process. 

Garage owners, assessors, investigators, and adjusters will benefit from the portal, which will be available 24/7 under the General Business category.

“For a long time, insurance companies have been left behind in technological advancement. With this portal, we have invested in a technology that empowers the garage owners and the company to transact effortlessly. This technology shortens processes, brings to reality our goal of going paperless and provides efficiency for the benefit of our clientele.” Fred Ruoro, CIC General Insurance Managing Director.

The site will automate the bidding mechanism, allowing garage owners to react to CIC Group bid invitations online, confirm receipt of repair vehicles at the garage, initiate release, and assist with motor vehicle re-inspection, among other services. The platform will also allow garages to track turnaround times and improve their documentation.

“The platform is part of CIC’s transformation process, incorporating technology and eliminating paperwork to serve customers efficiently. Through this innovation, we plan to continue keeping our word, ensuring that we provide our customers and partners with the best customer experience.” CIC Group GM Marketing Kamiri.