Common Challenges you might Face as you Manage your employees

Managing people is one of the main araes of running a business that highly determine the success or failure of your business.

Businesses with more financial capacity and manpower tend to have an fully active people management system in place. A good number of them have a management system in place with managers to oversee the existing teams. 

On the other hand, as a small business owner without a strong financial muscle, employing managers might not be an option for you. However, your employees need to be managed. Whether you do it yourself or appoint someone else among your employees to be in charge. 

People management in a business or any other organization comes with its own challenges. And these challenges are mainly related to communication and productivity. 

As a business owner, it’s important to know address these challenges as they unfold. Importantly, get to learn how to identify these challenges. These will help you smoothen your business operations considering the fact that your employees’ efficiency and productivity directly influences your business’ output.

1.Poor or no teamwork

Your workforce is like a web, and when many strands are disconnected from others, your web will eventually collapse. 

When your employees put more efforts on individual work, they lose focus on working together yet they are supposed to be a team. 

Don’t focus too much on giving your employees individual work that will consume their time. Work on assigning projects to your employees as a team – a team project. This way, your employees will have to work together to fulfill the purpose of the project. 

From time to time, acknowledge their efforts as a team. This will motivate them more and more. 

Additionally, team building exercises can help build teamwork. Team building activities will help your employees learn how to work better together.

Remember, team building activities are vast. Therefore, as a business leader you should get to know the challenges your employees face when it comes to being a team. For example, maybe your employees don’t know each other or they have had misunderstanding before. for such, you need to focus on relationship building activities. 

After that, get to figure out activities that help address the specific challenges. 

2.Low performance levels 

Your employees might not be productive all the time. Sometimes, they might not be as productive as they always are probably due to controllable or uncontrollable factors. 

When employees don’t have the motivation to get work done, it affects their productivity. All your employees will not be unmotivated at the same time. However one’s decrease in productivity can eventually affect other employees’ productivity. This runs down your business’ productivity and efficiency. 

As a business owner, it’s important to help your employees stay motivated throughout. 

Are there any areas in your work processes and procuders you can improve to increase efficiency? Is there a way to restructure any weak area in your current system to improve efficiency? 

Another great way is having one-on-one meetings with your employees. Get to know what’s affecting their productivity and offer solutions to their issues. It could be their work hours, too much workload, health issues, etc. 

3. The Difficult type 

As a team leader in your small business you will find yourself working with employees who are a little bit more difficult. They tend to stir trouble and cause tension in the workspace. 

As a leader you always have to be on the watch out for such employees and for issues that arise. Know how to address issues before they get out of hand. 

Handling issues among employees can be challenging and knowing how and when to address issues is important. Therefore, look for ways to properly address the issues without being partial. Look for feedback from your employees to know when issues come up and how to best handle different issues.

On the other hand, let your employees know you listen to them. Let them know they can trust you to be open with you and trust you to provide solutions and support them. 

4.Lack of communication

Communication is a make or break for any organization and lack of effective communication can be a challenge. 

Human beings are different and so are your employees. The difference in personalities leaves a lot of room for miscommunications and  misunderstandings. 

As the leader of your business, you have to find ways to smoothen communication in your business. To do this, it’s important to make your employees know what’s is expected of them, and how to do what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Let them know what their purpose is in your business. 

Additionally, have a communication system in place – channels to use (emails, SMS, calls, etc). Also, consider developing a communication channel defining who deals with what. 

5.A weak workplace culture

Your employees need to feel that they are a part of your business. They need to feel connected with every part of your business workplace. If they don’t feel connected with your workplace, they will not be as motivated to work for you or with you. 

When they feel they are a part of your business, they will give their all as they will be more confident. 

Look for way to make your employees feel connected to your business. Involve them I’m things or processes you rarely involve them. Consider giving the employee perks that don’t necessarily have to do with money just to make them feel important. 

Final Thoughts… 

Managing your employees is not always an easy thing to do especially if you are the business owner and the manager. 

There are so many other challenges you are bound to experience apart from these 5 challenges. 

However, the above are really common and knowing how to address them can really work magic for you. You can easily smoothen your business operations by addressing the root causes behind the challenges.