Simple Employee Perks your Small Business can afford

Small businesses cannot really compete with the wages or benefits that can be offered by larger companies or governmental offices.  

But by providing incentives that make working at their small business just as or even more appealing than working at any big company, they can make up a lot of ground.

For workers today, salaries are more of a criterion than a scorecard. Company benefits remain a major opportunity for most companies, which do not take full advantage of the non-monetary benefits appeal for most employees.

Employee benefits help you not only attract employees but also retain them. There are your best shots to keep them happy and engaged.

Snacks, food, drinks

Studies show that providing workers with snacks, food or drinks is a major perk for many. 

Providing your employees with snacks or food or drinks can increase productivity. 

Healthy snacks are perfect for employees to leave their desk, have a quick bite and re-energize. Think of bananas, apples, yogurt, mandazis, samosas, nuts and any other snack you can add to the list. 

Providing daily lunch can also be an option if you can afford. If not, consider having a weekly shared lunch. 

Providing food or snacks is a simple gesture to show your staff that they are appreciated.  

Empathy and Support

Sometimes all your employees need is an empathetic and supportive boss. This makes all the difference for them. 

Workers oftenly need some time off with very short notice. Or, in other instances, they have issues in their personal lives and this affects them emotionally and seem angry and worn out. 

Such workers need bosses and fellow colleagues who can create a meaningful difference. This is often by creating a work environment where they can be listened to and actively supported. 

Training and development

Talented individuals are very ambitious and always want to learn new skills to advance their careers.

Besides, building the skill set of your workers is a bonus for you as it is for them. This will improve the team’s mutual awareness and increase employee work satisfaction.

If you are able to train them yourself, start hosting lunch + study/learn. 

If your small business is not able to provide in-house training there are other ways to provide training and development. One, you can cover some or all of the costs for them to attend suitable classes or seminars elsewhere. 

Flexible work

Employees want jobs that give them work-life balance, and giving them flexibility in their work is the greatest perk you can give them. 

As a small business owner, you can come up with ways to give your employees flexible working arrangements. 

Think of giving your employees tailored work schedules such as 4 day work weeks. Additionally, if you have parents in your team, give them the allowance to leave work early to pick up their kids from school. You can also have the work from home option for your employees. Consider the flexible working arrangements that work for both you and your employees. 

Casual Dress for Work

Don’t tie your employees down to wearing suits to work every business day. 

Most big companies have Casual Fridays and employees are allowed to dress casually for work. But for you as a small company, you can allow your employees to dress casually 365 days a year. 

Maybe to have a little more control into it, consider coming up with a Business Casual Dress Code for your business. 

These are not the only employee perks you can adopt for your business. There are other perks your business can integrate. And depending on your business’s financial health and capability, you can afford to have; health insurance for your employees, vacation, gym subscription, taxi subscription or transport benefits. 

Final Thoughts…

Employee benefits or perks are not just perks. They are an important part of a company’s culture. 

One, employee perks have a way of trying down employees to businesses especially when times are tough. Two, they also play a crucial part in developing good employer and employee relationships. 

When your employee perks adapt to the needs of your employee, it’s hard for them to leave when times are tough for your business. They are more likely to stick around because of the perks you offer them knowing that they might not get them somewhere else easily. 

Look for ways to integrate several employee benefits into your work culture. 

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