Want Extra Income? Start a Side Hustle.

If you want extra income, side hustling is the way to go. Most individuals who acquire financial independence at a young age have mostly ventured into doing side hustles and running their business on the side.

With the economic challenges around the world and the shift in the job market, we all need extra money in our pockets. Honestly speaking, for most people, their 9-5 job cannot offer them the financial freedom, independence and stability they are looking for.

Imagine you are in your twenties, how much do you get at the end of the month from your 9-5 job? A couple dollars right? Those couple of dollars are definitely not enough to cater for all your bills, starting from rent, transport to food, and still be able to save comfortably, right?

What about this next scenario? You don’t even have the 9-5 job we are talking about. And, considering how difficult it has become to even get one. You got to do something to pay the bills and get your life going.

Side hustles can be a range of so many types and ideas. You just need to find one that would work for you and be fit for you and create the time to do it.

Remember, a side hustle doesn’t have to be something ambiguous. It can even be selling print t-shirts, writing online or selling things on e-commerce sites, among others.

You need to KNOW & DO THIS BEFORE you start.

Know What You Want to Do As a Side Hustle.

This is a must stay. You might be having 1000 side hustle ideas flying across your head right now. But, you cannot do all those at once, you can’t be a master of all.

Among all those ideas, you need to sit down and decide which one is the way to go first. Remember, you have to fully analyze the idea. See it as an idea, see it as it becomes an actualization.

You are your own boss in this you know. And, with time, after trial, success or failure, you can try another idea and see which one brings you more

Open a separate savings account for your Side Hustle.

You definitely have other accounts by now but you need an additional account for your side hustle. Remember, you want the side hustle for extra money and to fasten your way to financial independence. Therefore, you need to use the money you are getting as a tool for more money.

Open a separate savings account, solely for the money you get from your side hustle. Basically, your side hustle is your small business and every business, small or big needs its business account.

This savings account will help you earn as much interest as you can without a struggle. That is more money, right?

Track your progress during your Side Hustle.

You have to see how far you have come from the time of your idea and the real side hustle itself. Is you idea working out for you? Is it really giving you extra money?

Track how much money you are making from your side hustle. Track how much your net worth has increased.  

6 Side Hustle ideas You Should consider.

Well, away from those who have a 1000 ideas in their head for a side hustle. You might be wondering what to do for a side hustle.

People have been doing side hustles for years and there are so many ideas you can pick from. And, sometimes, the more ideas there are, the more confused you would get. Clearly, the harder it would get to choose one.

These are side hustle ideas you can choose and start easily. You can choose one that you like and see how it works for you.

Online Writing/Blogging  

This one is starting the list. Lately, online writing has taken a different turn and people are earning quite well from it.

If you have a passion for writing, consider looking for online writing jobs on platforms such as Upwork, ProBlogger among others. You can write articles or research papers or blog posts.

Turn your writing passion into extra dollars or shillings

Consider Social Media marketing

In this era, traditional marketing is dwindling and people have turned into digital marketing.

If you have a huge following on social media platforms such as Instagram, consider doing Social media marketing in the role of an influencer and earn from it. Look for brands you can work with and promote their products to your followers.

Are you a social media savvy or are you conversant with social media platforms? Consider using your social media skills to earn extra money. You can consider having a hustle in social media management. Manage a company’s social media or a prominent person’s social media.

Consider the Gig Economy

You don’t have to have a specific side hustle to do. You can have several simple things to do regularly. This week, you can print t-shirts for a small company across the street, next week you can run a social media campaign for a company or an organization.

You can also participate in managing or planning an event taking place. You can even do a graphic design job for someone seeking graphic design services.

Variety is good and you can work on different projects. This would be perfect if you are unemployed because you might be having more time in your hands.

Selling Products Online – Clothes, accessories etc

This one, you can definitely do quite well at the comfort of your house without so much thought and sweat into it.

 Most people are now shopping online for most of their needs. From food, services to clothes. All you need to do is have the items you want to sell online in image form uploaded to the account and platform you are using.

Have a delivery system put in place and payment system too in place and just be consistent. After a while, you will create a consistent customer base for your products (clothes, accessories etc).

Offer or Sell Services

Offering services has been a great source of extra money for many people.

With the increase of online shopping, there is an opportunity to earn from delivery services. You can be paid to deliver orders to customers or as a messenger to deliver a letter or to bank a check.

You can also be paid to deliver parcels, or to send parcels, to shop groceries or general products or even cooking services. It depends on what you decide.

Getting a Part Time Job

A part time job away from your 9-5 job can be a side hustle you can consider.

Apart from getting money for your career skills, think of a side job to do in relation to other skills you have or have knowledge about. But, you

You can get a job you do during weekends or in evenings after your 9-5 job. Something like being a part time waitress, a babysitter, or a dog walker or a personal assistant.

However, as you look for a part time job, remember to consider your schedule.

These six side hustle ideas are just a few among many other ideas you can consider. These are just the most common one we could. If you want more than these, you can do your research, know what you like or what opportunities are available and then decide what you want to do.

No time for a Side Hustle?

You are probably looking at how busy you get and how crazy your 9-5 job cab get and are wondering where you can get the time to do a side hustle.  

This is how it is. You can NEVER BE TOO BUSY to start a side hustle. You just have to find the time. Time is the most you have to trade to get the extra money you want or need.

As they say, what you want so bad, you it will find time for it.  

So, find some time, as much time as you can and start your side hustle today. Actually, make it a priority.


Eventually, you can turn your side hustle to a business. Don’t see your side hustle is a ‘by the way’ or for the time being. Your side hustle is an opportunity you give yourself to own a business. So learn from it, grow from it and increase your net worth from it.

Moreover, as you do your side hustle, you are strengthening your skills, for example in marketing, writing, etc. Additionally, you will get to learn and develop new skills, develop new relationships (networking) and you can add this to your CV. You never know the opportunities you will land because of your side hustle.

Lastly, remember the side of being your own boss. Clearly, it’s worth it and you will be thankful to yourself for taking the risk.