Impact of AI on COVID-19

Technology has moved at a rapid rate. It is no longer like the older generation where it would be hard to fight the virus. But, times have moved and so is the technology.

We are not living in the 90s and to fight a global pandemic isn’t really a tough deal in today’s situations. All thanks to the coming in of Artificial intelligence. Global pandemic such as COVID-19 has proven to be extremely harmful to the human race. Not only has this virus claimed millions of lives, but has restricted the movement of the entire human race.

Covid-19, indeed brought back the reminiscences of Spanish Flu breakout. Everyone is in their home quarantined, people have been asked to maintain social distancing guidelines and so much more. But, to find a potential solution for COVID-19 is no longer a problem.

Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence are playing an important role in fighting off the virus. Not only is it accelerating the process for finding medicines, but also plays an important role in better decision making. Experts are implementing proper technologies in artificial intelligence to fight off the virus.

Machine learning has helped a lot in explanation and management of the pandemic. Although an algorithm is followed in prediction, a lot more goes into finding out the perfect option. These predictions further helped to manage different case scenarios that can be pretty helpful.

Has artificial intelligence helped to fight virus?

Yes, it has.

Ever since the news of the virus outbreak spread, experts have been implementing different ways to fight off the virus. However, in the midst of this, artificial intelligence is surely one of the best ways.

Almost all the biomedical organizations have been using artificial intelligence to boost different ways to cure the virus. Within a few months only, the implementation of artificial intelligence showed positive results on the fight against the virus. Thus, everyone started implementing it.

Artificial intelligence to detect drugs

One of the most significant ways through which Covid-19 has helped in the fight against virus is by implementing ways to detect drugs. Over the years, several researches have been conducted with the use of artificial intelligence. Thus, medical experts implemented this technique as well to conduct research and find potential solutions.

The drug companies have been analysing the composition of existing drugs and finding out which one would be the most suitable to keep away the virus.

Artificial intelligence helps to detect the molecular structure of medicines. The research further contributed to detect the link between genetic and biological characteristics of medicines.

Various companies have been focused on finding solutions to chronic infections such as Covid-19. Since there is a huge range of data and limited time, artificial intelligence is faking time to find the relationship between medicines. To find out the drugs for Covid-19, experts suggest that it is necessary to develop a connection between information of Covid-19 and the available data.

Researchers are tracking down all the data availy to them to find the solution for COVID-19. Within the limited months, the amount of research conducted has proven to be helpful. Various researches have shown that experts will find out the drugs that will help in resolving the impact of the virus.

Over the time, different researches conducted have shown that a drug called Baricitinib can show positive impacts in determining the effects of COVID-19. The drug is licensed to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Research through artificial intelligence has shown that the drug will help to lower the impact of virus and also the capacity of the virus to harm the lung cells.

Expanding the base of application base for artificial intelligence

Technology has evolved at a rapid rate with the coming in of big data analytics. The growing base of artificial intelligence is one of the greatest markets in the global technology sector. This is further proving to be helpful in making new discoveries and boosting other technology sectors.

The expanded base opens up more horizons for finding potential solutions for fighting off the virus. Experts recommend to keep up with the changing trends and find one of the most potential change for fighting off the virus.

Finding out the structure of covid-19

When Coronavirus broke out in China, the artificial intelligence system was the first to detect it. It was the artificial intelligence system that helped everyone detect that covid-19 could possibly become a global pandemic.

Experts of Harvard Medical School suggested that they were the first ones to detect the outbreak of the virus by mining through Chinese language. Moreover, the human epidemiologists also said that they were highly involved in finding out the importance of virus outbreak.

However, the expert virologists also accepted the fact that to find out the potential solution of the virus, one cannot completely rely on machine language and webscraping. The experts from all over the world are analysing both, official and unofficial sources to take over the virus.

Leading health organization, HealthMap, generated a list of data that was on the verge of looking out for the link between disease and populations. The data further tries to analyse the connection between mobility and control measures to prevent the virus from spreading in China. And now efforts are being made to check for measures that can prevent the virus.

HealthMap is analysing methods to track down the virus and prevent it from spreading across different time and location.

Is Coronavirus affecting the mental health of people?

Artificial intelligence was further implemented to analyse the impact of Coronavirus on the health of people. The Department of Psychology in Stanford University was involved in analysing different Twitter posts to determine the impact of covid-19 on people’s mental health.

The AI-driven study showed that the people from urban areas were trying their best to adapt to the new living way by following social distancing and self-isolation guidelines. However, the impact of people on the rural areas was far less as compared to the prevalence of the disease.

The transmission rate of the virus is different in different countries. While the healthcare sector and artificial intelligence are adopting measures to combat the virus, experts recommend people to follow the safety guidelines to stay on the safe side and flatten the curve.