How has technology helped during COVID-19

[kc_row use_container=”yes” force=”no” column_align=”middle” video_mute=”no” _id=”367512″][kc_column width=”12/12″ video_mute=”no” _id=”139264″][kc_column_text _id=”600235″] Technology has played an important role in fighting against Covid-19. Ever since COVID-19 broke out, the entire world into a lock-down and it was technology that was functioning on a constant basis. This further helped to ease the fight against Covid-19. COVID-19 has only contributed to understand the importance of what existed. What was once considered to be a luxury has eventually transformed itself into necessity. From work-from-home culture to using free-resources, it has become extremely necessary to understand all the aspects. The different trends in technology also helped to improve the overall functioning of the world. The ways of communication eventually changed with the coming in of COVID-19. It became extremely necessary to focus on the importance of different things for a better idea. Artificial intelligence has contributed a lot towards improving the transformative role. Not only has it helped in enhancing the human resources but also improves personal care experience. It is necessary to focus on the smaller aspects for a better fight against Covid-19 and an improved future. Has technology been of any help? Of course it has. Over the years, pandemics and epidemics have only come to be a threat to mankind. Different viruses such as SARS, H1N1 and Ebola have claimed a lot of lives. Not only that, viruses in the past such as Spanish flu, Black Plague and more claimed around crores of lives. These pandemics and epidemics have killed more than millions of people. Although technology cannot predict the coming in of these viruses, it surely can help to fight against these. Technology helps to spread awareness, educates and warns against these aspects and helps people come in contact with the ground reality of the siguations. Compared to previous generations, technology has evolved a lot and brought about different aspects such as analytics, robotics, cloud, AI and ML has played an important role in understanding and creating awareness of these viruses. With the advancing technology, it has become pretty easy to tackle the growth of Covid-19.
Getting over misinformation
Since everyone is on social media, misinformation or misleading data spreads like wildfire. Misleading information such as increased number of fatalities, false claims of government policies and wrong treatment options paves way for more panic amongst the public. All these misleading information creates panic, discrimination and also conspiracy theories. Thankfully, the evolution of technology has played an important role in the drop of these false information. Companies such as Twitter, Google and others are working towards fighting these wrong information and spreading  correct information. These companies are working in association with WHO and local authorities to boost the information regarding coronavirus and present the actual data. The creation of a transparent environment will eventually boost spreading of valid information to help people take the correct measures. Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are contributing towards deleting all these false news and verifying the claims.
Transparency by sharing data
The risk of false information spreading is very common during the times of pandemic. While the videos surfacing online may help to get an idea of the real situation, sometimes these videos can be false as well. As a result, the coming in of technology helps to maintain the real transparency of data and provide correct information. A clear messaging technique helps to maintain everyone is informed about the necessary precautions. But, what helps to promote the accurate information? Different aspects such as Artificial intelligence and machine language helps to use correct information and offer visibility. In recent times, Microsoft has also launched initiatives to prevent fake news from spreading. Other technology platforms have also introduced different platforms to promote knowledgeable content among the audience and prevent unexpected delays. Different social platforms such as TikTok have also played an important role in offering accurate information. TikTok has partnered with WHO to promote accurate information and offer answers to questions. These companies are also working towards building health data sectors and travel data to provide real-time analysis to the people. Several social platforms are also hosting live sessions to ensure everyone stays updated with accurate information.
Tracking people with facial recognition and big data
Data analytics is extremely important to ensure proper data management. These eventually work towards implementing proper techniques and help to analyse the vicinity with the infected individuals. If you have come in contact with any infected individuals, these apps will notify you about the cause. Facial recognition plays an important role in proper identification of people even when they are masked. These technologies can play an important role in keeping a check of the movement even those who are quarantined. The apps are concerned with maintaining a tab around people and helps to prevent the risk of coming in contact with infected people. CCTV cameras are implemented with facial recognition feature helps to identify infected people who are breaking the rules or anyone who breaks the quarantine.
Virtual meeting
Virtual meetings are an important requirement in today’s generation. When the entire world has gone in shutdown, it is necessary for the businesses to stay focused and boost the economy. Thus, the businesses adopting work-from-home culture and virtual meetings have helped to keep the business functioning thereby maintaining social distancing. Although not completely, virtual meeting has surely helped to flatten the curve by maintaining social distancing. This is extremely helpful to ensure more benefits. The business organizations have been using different technologies to conduct virtual meetings. Apart from that, the educational organizations are also imparting education via online classes.
AI in healthcare sector
This is one of the most significant rises ever. AI has helped to bring about significant transitions in the healthcare sector. More focus is being put on implementing artificial intelligence in a proper way to ensure better focus. Also, AI has been helping to boost the risk assessment tool thereby offering a clarity of information. The AI tools help to differentiate between Covid-19 and general flu symptoms. Thus, accurate data about the disease leads to accurate treatment. The Chinese companies have implemented these AI tools for accurate data results. [/kc_column_text][/kc_column][/kc_row]