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You have undertaken that web development class and it is now time to look for clients. The first thing the clients will ask for would be a proposal besides other similar works you have done to display your capabilities. Below is a proposal I received from the web     developer who I contracted to build Prowess.co.ke.  No worries, I have asked for permission to publish this.
I have divided the proposal into several Titles.
Let us begin!

Development Process

Prowess will guide you through the following discovery, planning, design and production process. Adhering to this process will ensure a successful outcome. Our process starts with Phase 0. Prowess’s goal in this analytical phase is to define features concretely, determine technology integration specifics, and prioritize features so that investment is made in those areas that will provide the greatest return on investment for CIS.

  • Phase 0
  • · Strategic Analysis and Planning
    · Information Architecture
    · Wire frames
    · Technical System Design
    Phase 1

    · Content Creation
    · Implementation
    · Testing
    · Training and Documentation
    · Launch
    · Post Launch Support and Maintenance

  • In the sections below we discuss the different portions of this process.
Strategic Analysis

In this stage, Prowess works with our client’s staff and stakeholders to gather as much information as possible about how they believe the new site should function. Where possible, and budget permitting, we also like to involve representative end-users (i.e., current or potential readers) in these discussions to learn more about how they will use the site. Involving end-users in the strategic analysis stage of the process can provide new insights, and/or validate our client’s choices and strategies. We also use analytics tools such as Crazy Egg and ClickTale to study visitor experience.
After gathering this data Prowess will then produce a qualitative analysis of our findings with recommendations that are expressed through the information architecture. During this portion of the process Prowess will work with clients to define the requirements for specific site functionalities.
We will work with our clients to expose the various options available to them. The data we gather will also be used later to inform the choices made in the development stage of the website, content choices, functional recommendations, and technology choices.

Information Architecture

Prowess will work to further define and refine the clients’ needs information architecture. Our focus in this phase is to make content easily navigable. Prowess works cooperatively with our clients to help them define their information architecture so that users can find information/functions quickly and easily. Our goal is to limit to three or less the number of “clicks” users must perform to reach their first destination on the site.

Wire frames

Prowess’s goal is to make sure we document the necessary details to make a project functionally accurate in the annotated wire frames we produce. However, it can be difficult to focus people on function instead of design.
As such, we focus on producing wire frames that are quick to build and look good, but that aren't over designed, so we can keep our audience focused on the functional specification. This process enables us to get feedback early on in the project by doing quick wire frames. One benefit of this wire framing process is that it helps prevent going down the wrong path and requiring expensive rework late in the process. The process also creates a detailed blueprint of how the system should behave to guide our programmers.

Technical System Design

During the technical system design phase of the project, the functional requirements are synthesized and Prowess uses these to select the appropriate technologies to use for implementation. Our technology selection process takes into account anticipated future uses of the website to ensure that the system design is a scalable one. Building a website can be compared to the process of building a house. If the foundation is built without taking into account the need to eventually add an additional floor or an extension to the house, you may have to rebuild the entire house when it comes time to add on to it. Similarly, if a system is designed without taking future functionality into account, you may find yourself in the position of rebuilding from scratch to accommodate said future functionality.

Graphic and User Interface Design

Prowess understands the importance of maintaining a professional and clean look and easy to use navigation. We will focus on developing websites design for our clients that uses color, font and layout to stand out more, communicate effectively and ultimately be memorable.
All graphics and color schemes are a responsibility of our clients and we work to adhere to their requirements as much as possible.

Content Creation

It is important for our clients to begin preparing any new content, or updating existing content as early as possible in this process. An important component of this process will be the definition of the site’s “content classes”. Example content classes might be “blog,” “agency,” “issue,” or “news.” For each content type, we will need to determine a list of fields or attributes. As an example, a basic news story might have a headline, subhead, byline, body text, and publication time/date.

Prowess may assist the client to gather relevant information and gather as much information as possible.
It is the responsibility of our clients to provide graphics, descriptions, images, logo or any other relevant content as required.

Programming, Customization and Templating

During this phase Prowess will customize the base technologies that were selected in the design phase. This includes some amount of custom programming. In addition, during this phase we will merge the graphical design with the functionality by creating templates. For example, Prowess uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to separate the underlying structure of the data from its presentation. Developing websites in CSS also allows pages to load more quickly, compatibility with multiple platforms and devices, and improved control over page display.

Search Engine Optimization

We work with our clients to ensure optimal search engine optimization (SEO) when building websites. SEO has as much to do with your websites’ content as it does the website’s organization and programming. There is no silver bullet that will immediately move a website to the top of search results, but Prowess will ensure that your website is built in such a way that search engines will be able to read your content. We do this by following best practices that allow us to maximize the presence of your website in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Thorough testing is an integral part of Prowess’s approach to website development and one of the final phases. We test the Internet-based systems we develop for browser compatibility, HTML syntax and CSS validation, and functional operation and accuracy. Each of these different test areas enable Prowess to ensure that the systems we develop are bug-free, meet client expectations and fulfill end users’ functional and aesthetic needs.

We recommend browser optimization for the following platforms:

· Internet Explorer (versions 9+),
· Firefox (version 3+), and
· Chrome (version 5.x).
We no longer recommend testing or optimizing websites for Internet Explorer 6 and 7. We can do so if a client requires this level of backwards compatibility. However, it is important to note that this effort will increase the prices quoted in this proposal.
Training and Documentation
We will work with you to ensure that the various members of your organization fully understand how to use the content management system and are comfortable utilizing the system to its fullest capacity. We find that the average lay person can gain a solid understanding of how to use the CMS’s we provide to perform content entry tasks in 2-3 group training sessions (when paired with regular use of the system).
We can provide training sessions in-person or remotely using the teamviewer ,Citrix GoToMeeting service or any preferred remote desk tool.
Depending on client budget and requirement, Prowess can also provide documentation that includes system documentation (typically in the form of a database schematic, data dictionary, or basic administration guide) and a user guide for client staff that need to interact with the administrative functions of the website. This documentation is written to help our clients understand and use the software application or website.
Prowess does not offer hosting services. We work with third parties whose business is to provide hosting.
Our customers have direct relationships with these vendors, although we can manage the relationship should our customer so desire.
We generally recommend that clients procure managed hosting solution. Managed hosting can be for a dedicated or virtualized server environment. By selecting managed hosting clients are able to rely on the hosting provider to manage the network, hardware, and software stack infrastructure 24/7/3/65 as part of the hosting costs. Managed

hosting typically includes the following services:

• Network Management
• Managed Backup
• Managed Firewall
• OS Hardening
• Patches & Updates
• Proactive Monitoring

Minimum Recommended Requirements:

• 25 GB Secure Disk Space
• 250 GB Monthly Bandwidth
• Remote Backup
• Latest cPanel/WHM Panel


Prowess works with our clients to ensure a smooth launch. We build a detailed launch plan that plans out each step in the process and who is responsible for that step. We will perform a trial run of this process and ensure that the steps work as prescribed. This approach minimizes the chances that an unexpected event will occur and disrupt the process. We also plan for rollback as a contingency if there is a problem that results in the inability to launch as planned. Our goal is to ensure that the website(s) go live and as planned.

Post Launch Support and Maintenance

Prowess works with many of our clients to provide ongoing support for their web properties and can provide this same high level of support to our clients. Prowess prides itself on being able to provide our clients with responsive service. Prowess can provide ongoing support at our standard hourly rate as agreed with the client on the support and maintenance plan.
Prowess is available to make functional changes, structural/layout changes, design changes or content changes to the CIS website should this assistance be required. In addition, we are available to provide ongoing support of any marketing initiatives. The cost associated with this type of support is hard to estimate as these costs are based on usage, which can vary greatly based on the project and the level of Prowess’s involvement. The same team that has been selected to redesign your website will be available for this ongoing service.

Delivery Schedule

All efforts will be made to deliver this project within the desired delivery window which, at the writing of this scope of work, is [Estimated Completion Date].

Events that may delay final delivery or individual milestone delivery include:
  • · Delays in receiving client approvals
    · Delays in receiving client feedback & revision notes
    · Delays in receiving partial payments to initiate project or individual completed phases
    · Delays in providing information or access to 3rd party accounts (hosting, merchant, etc).
Site Warranty

If anything breaks on your site, at any time within 3 months after launch, it will be fixed without any charge.
Minor content updates and revisions to the site (design, layout and functionality) within
30 days after launch and completion of the project are also covered free of charge.
This proposal does not include content management (which includes daily / frequent creating and uploading new content) after the website has been launched, Prowess has a separate proposal and quotation for content management.

Social media management

Social Media Management is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.
Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks.
Prowess has a separate proposal , term and quotations for social media management. Cost of SMM is found in the RFQ attached.

I hope this will help you in your next proposal.

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